Consumer Participation

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The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society
Macdonald, I.
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American Journal of Public Health

OBJECTIVES: The Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 mandates the Food and Drug Administration to promulgate changes in nutrition labeling regulations. This study investigates the potential health benefits associated with expected changes in food consumption resulting from the act. METHODS: This paper provides four estimates of the potential health benefits from the dietary changes expected to occur as a result of the 1990 act. The upper bound estimates begin with the premise that all consumers will adopt the daily reference values of total fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

Zarkin, G. A.
Dean, N.
Mauskopf, J. A.
Williams, R.
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Childhood Obesity (Print)

BACKGROUND: A 2005 Institute of Medicine report argues that "prevention of obesity in children and youth is, ultimately, about community," yet the literature lacks empirical research on what communities are doing to prevent childhood obesity. This research helps fill this gap and highlights promising practices.

Porter, Christine M.
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Chronic Diseases in Canada

This paper discusses the advantages of adopting forms of participatory action research with aboriginal Canadians. Using a recent qualitative study of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus among the James Bay Cree, it outlines and discusses the methodology used to construct a form of action research that focused on what meaning the Cree gave to the rising incidence and prevalence of diabetes. In order to understand this perspective, the researchers recruited members of the Cree community as co-researchers in the study.

Boston, P.
Jordan, S.
MacNamara, E.
Kozolanka, K.
Bobbish-Rondeau, E.
Iserhoff, H.
Mianscum, S.
Mianscum-Trapper, R.
Mistacheesick, I.
Petawabano, B.
Sheshamush-Masty, M.
Wapachee, R.
Weapenicappo, J.
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BMC health services research

BACKGROUND: Millions of individuals with malaria-like fevers purchase drugs from private retailers, but artemisinin-based combination therapies (ACTs), the only effective treatment in regions with high levels of resistance to older drugs, are rarely obtained through these outlets due to their relatively high cost. To encourage scale up of ACTs, the Affordable Medicines Facility--malaria is being launched to subsidize their price.

Cohen, Justin M.
Sabot, Oliver
Sabot, Kate
Gordon, Megumi
Gross, Isaac
Bishop, David
Odhiambo, Moses
Ipuge, Yahya
Ward, Lorrayne
Mwita, Alex
Goodman, Catherine
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Ancok, D.
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Public Health Nursing (Boston, Mass.)

This study explored health-related and organizational religious activities in an Appalachian community and identified cultural issues in the development of religion-health partnerships. Partnerships between religious groups and health providers are a channel for health promotion efforts to vulnerable populations and must be approached from the culture of the community.

Simpson, M. R.
King, M. G.
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AIDS and behavior

Physical, social and economic constraints often limit the ability of people living with HIV/AIDS to meet their basic needs. Community members are a valuable source of support for people living with HIV/AIDS, although little is known about the types of support they provide or how to mobilize this support. To examine this issue, a survey of 1200 members of 6 religious congregations was conducted in Kumasi, Ghana. A fifth of congregation members reported providing some support to people with HIV/AIDS in the last 6 months, mostly through prayer, financial support, and counseling.

Bazant, Eva S.
Boulay, Marc
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Ethnicity & Health

OBJECTIVES: We examined receptivity to developing church-based cancer programs with Samoans. Cancer is a leading cause of death for Samoans, and investigators who have found spiritually linked beliefs about health and illness in this population have suggested the Samoan church as a good venue for health-related interventions. DESIGN: We interviewed 12 pastors and their wives, held focus groups with 66 Samoan church members, and engaged a panel of pastors to interpret data. All data collection was conducted in culturally appropriate ways.

Aitaoto, Nia
Braun, Kathryn L.
Dang, Ka'ohimanu L.
So'a, Tugalei
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Complementary Therapies in Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To examine the views of government spokespersons regarding the efforts of five complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) groups (chiropractic, traditional Chinese medicine/acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy and Reiki) to take their place in the formal health care system. DESIGN: In this small scale, exploratory study, we conducted in-depth interviews with 10 key government officials at the federal (5), provincial (4) and municipal (1) levels.

Kelner, Merrijoy
Wellman, Beverly
Boon, Heather
Welsh, Sandy


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