Continuity of Patient Care

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The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a complex multisystem disorder affecting mainly the gastrointestinal tract and respiratory system. Intestinal malabsorption occurs in approximately 90% of patients. In the past, malnutrition was an inevitable consequence of disease progression, leading to poor growth, impaired respiratory muscle function, decreased exercise tolerance and immunological impairment. A positive association between body weight and height and survival has been widely reported. The energy requirements of patients with CF vary widely and generally increase with age and disease severity.

Morton, Alison M.
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Health Progress (Saint Louis, Mo.)

Since 1977, Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Centers of New York City has been creating and maintaining supportive housing offerings for at-risk populations, such as individuals with HIV/AIDS, those with substance abuse challenges, and the mentally ill. By providing a continuum of medical and social services, the organization aims to help residents stabilize and rebuild their lives. Saint Vincent sees empowerment as a key step toward helping individuals maintain their health, re-enter the community, seek employment, and pursue other goals.

Burke, Natasha
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Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice

Faith community nursing, formerly known as parish nursing, is one model of care that relies heavily on older registered nurses (RNs) to provide population-based and other nonclinical services in community settings. Faith community nursing provides services not commonly available in the traditional health care system (e.g., community case management, community advocacy, community health education).

McGinnis, Sandra L.
Zoske, Frances M.
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BACKGROUND: midwifery relationships, especially ones developed over time, are viewed and valued as practical and political health interventions that increase the likelihood of good health for women and infants and assist with health challenges. Thus the continuity relationships with women required for each Bachelor of Midwifery student are used, not only to expand students' learning but also, in a fragmented maternity care system, to provide opportunities for women to experience the care of a known person through their pregnancy, labour and early parenting time.

Browne, Jenny
Taylor, Jan
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AIDS patient care and STDs

Patient navigation, a patient-centered model of care coordination focused on reducing barriers to care, is an emerging strategy for linking patients to and retaining them in HIV care. The Guide to Healing Program (G2H), implemented at the Infectious Diseases Clinic at UNC Chapel Hill, provided patient navigation to women of color (WOC) new to or re-engaging in HIV care through a 'nurse guide' with mental health training and experience. The purpose of this study was to qualitatively explore patients' experiences working with the nurse guide.

Sullivan, Kristen A.
Schultz, Katherine
Ramaiya, Megan
Berger, Miriam
Parnell, Heather
Quinlivan, E. Byrd
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BMJ open

OBJECTIVES: (1) To ascertain from patients what really matters to them on a personal level of such high importance that it should 'always happen' when they interact with healthcare professionals and staff groups. (2) To critically review existing criteria for selecting 'always events' (AEs) and generate a candidate list of AE examples based on the patient feedback data. DESIGN: Mixed methods study informed by participatory design principles. SUBJECTS AND SETTING: Convenience samples of patients with a long-term clinical condition in Scottish general practices.

Bowie, Paul
McNab, Duncan
Ferguson, Julie
de Wet, Carl
Smith, Gregor
MacLeod, Marion
McKay, John
White, Craig
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Journal of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

DATA SOURCES: Seventy-nine patients assigned to the care of a nurse practitioner (NP) were interviewed to explore reactions to ending a yearlong therapeutic relationship at the conclusion of a clinical trial. Three researchers identified, reviewed and CONCLUSIONS: Of the total 79 patients, 22 (28%) spontaneously discussed perceptions and feelings about the termination of their relationship with the NP, Qualitative analysis of their statements identified future concerns about continuity of care and emotional themes ranging from gratitude, regret, and anxiety to grief.

Planavsky, L. A.
Mion, L. C.
Litaker, D. G.
Kippes, C. M.
Mehta, N.
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Journal of Cancer Survivorship: Research and Practice

PURPOSE: Childhood cancer survivors require life-long care focused on the specific late effects that may arise from their cancer and its treatment. In many centers, survivors are required to transition from follow-up care in a paediatric cancer center, to care provided in an adult care setting. The purpose of this study was to identify the psychological factors involved in this transition to adult care long-term follow-up clinics.

Granek, Leeat
Nathan, Paul C.
Rosenberg-Yunger, Zahava R. S.
D'Agostino, Norma
Amin, Leila
Barr, Ronald D.
Greenberg, Mark L.
Hodgson, David
Boydell, Katherine
Klassen, Anne F.
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Academic Medicine: Journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges

PURPOSE: A new internal medicine call structure was implemented at two teaching hospitals at the University of Toronto, Canada, in 2009, motivated by patient safety concerns, new duty hours regulations, and dissatisfaction among attending physicians. This study aimed to determine attendings', residents', and students' experiences with the new structure and to look carefully for unintended consequences.

Stroud, Lynfa
Oulanova, Olga
Szecket, Nicolas
Ginsburg, Shiphra
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OBJECTIVE: To compare the use of alternative therapy (AT) in families of children with cancer with its use in those with routine pediatric conditions. BACKGROUND AND RATIONALE: AT refers to healing practices such as therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and use of medicinal herbs that have become increasingly popular with the general public, but are not widely accepted by the medical profession.

Friedman, T.
Slayton, W. B.
Allen, L. S.
Pollock, B. H.
Dumont-Driscoll, M.
Mehta, P.
Graham-Pole, J.


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