Contraception, Postcoital

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Annals of Emergency Medicine

STUDY OBJECTIVE: I investigate accessibility of emergency contraception pills at hospital emergency departments and survey staff at Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals across the United States. More specifically, I sought to report the likelihood that a woman calling a hospital and seeking emergency contraception could access the medication; (2) if emergency contraception is not provided, whether hospital staff would provide a referral to another facility; and (3) the outcome of the referral process.

Harrison, Teresa
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BACKGROUND: Although emergency contraception (EC) is available without a prescription, women still rely on doctors' advice about its safety and effectiveness. Yet little is known about doctors' beliefs and practices in this area. STUDY DESIGN: We surveyed 1800 US obstetrician-gynecologists. Criterion variables were doctors' beliefs about EC's effects on pregnancy rates, and patients' sexual practices. We also asked which women are offered EC. Predictors were demographic, clinical and religious characteristics. RESULTS: Response rate was 66% (1154/1760).

Lawrence, Ryan E.
Rasinski, Kenneth A.
Yoon, John D.
Curlin, Farr A.
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