Contraceptives, Postcoital

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Conscience (Washington, D.C.)
Bucar, L.
Nolan, D.
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Annals of Emergency Medicine

STUDY OBJECTIVE: I investigate accessibility of emergency contraception pills at hospital emergency departments and survey staff at Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals across the United States. More specifically, I sought to report the likelihood that a woman calling a hospital and seeking emergency contraception could access the medication; (2) if emergency contraception is not provided, whether hospital staff would provide a referral to another facility; and (3) the outcome of the referral process.

Harrison, Teresa
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Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice

A bill was introduced into the Tennessee legislature in the 2005 session that would require emergency departments to offer and dispense emergency contraception to sexual assault survivors who are at risk of pregnancy. Several advocacy groups collaborated to form the Women's Health Safety Network for the purpose of communicating as one voice. The advocacy coalition framework of policy development is applied to the political system and is used as a model to discuss issues impacting policy development for this particular bill.

Schorn, Mavis N.
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OBJECTIVES: For female emergency department (ED) patients, we sought to assess the prevalence of contraceptive usage as well as the extent of contraceptive knowledge and to determine if demographic and sexual health history factors, comprehension of contraceptive methods and moral/religious opinions on contraception were associated with current usage of birth control pills (BCPs), prior usage of emergency contraception (EC) and frequency of condom usage.

Merchant, Roland C.
Damergis, Jennifer A.
Gee, Erin M.
Bock, Beth C.
Becker, Bruce M.
Clark, Melissa A.
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