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Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology

Many children with muscular dystrophy are overweight, and although weight control is pursued in some centres it is unusual to encourage severe dietary restriction for fear that it might lead to accelerated loss of muscle. In this study, two overweight boys with muscular dystrophy were monitored by whole-body nitrogen balance, total body potassium, strength and functional measurements during calorie restriction.

Edwards, R. H.
Round, J. M.
Jackson, M. J.
Griffiths, R. D.
Lilburn, M. F.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Proteome Research

Long-term restriction of energy intake without malnutrition is a robust intervention that has been shown to prolong life and delay age-related morbidity. A 1H NMR-based metabonomic strategy was used to monitor urinary metabolic profiles throughout the lifetimes of control-fed and diet-restricted dogs. Urinary metabolic trajectories were constructed for each dog, and metabolic variation was found to be predominantly influenced by age. Urinary excretion of creatinine increased with age, reaching a maximum between ages 5 and 9 years and declining thereafter.

Wang, Yulan
Lawler, Dennis
Larson, Brian
Ramadan, Ziad
Kochhar, Sunil
Holmes, Elaine
Nicholson, Jeremy K.
Publication Title: 
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology: CJASN

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The Comprehensive Dialysis Study (CDS) aimed to understand factors contributing to physical, functional, and nutritional health status among patients starting dialysis. DESIGN, SETTING, PARTICIPANTS, & MEASUREMENTS: A phone interview survey was conducted with patients from a geographically stratified national random sample of dialysis units, and quarterly serum samples were obtained for patients at a preidentified subset of units.

Kutner, Nancy G.
Johansen, Kirsten L.
Kaysen, George A.
Pederson, Sarah
Chen, Shu-Cheng
Agodoa, Lawrence Y.
Eggers, Paul W.
Chertow, Glenn M.
Publication Title: 
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery

OBJECTIVE: With the increasing longevity of heart transplant recipients, the long-term effects of cyclosporine on renal function have become more evident. Highly sensitive, early, and effective monitoring of posttransplant renal function is still being researched. This study aimed to evaluate the prognostic value of cystatin C for patients after heart transplantation. METHODS: Seventy-three long-term recipients of a heart transplant more than 5 years before the study start were included in the analysis with a follow-up of 4 years.

Kniepeiss, Daniela
Wagner, Doris
Wirnsberger, Gerhard
Roller, Regina E.
Wasler, Andr‰
Iberer, Florian
Tscheliessnigg, Karl-Heinz
Publication Title: 
Journal of Renal Nutrition: The Official Journal of the Council on Renal Nutrition of the National Kidney Foundation

OBJECTIVES: The aim of this work was to evaluate the correlation between the amount of weekly fish intake and kidney function as measured by creatinine clearance (CCr) rate among elderly inhabitants of Ikaria Island, a place that has been related to an increased rate of longevity. METHODS: From June to October of 2009, 673 males and females, aged 65-100 years and long-term residents of Ikaria Island were enrolled. Of those, 328 (75†±†7 years) were males and 339 (75†±†6 years) were females.

Chrysohoou, Christina
Pitsavos, Christos
Panagiotakos, Demosthenes
Skoumas, John
Lazaros, George
Oikonomou, Evangelos
Galiatsatos, Nikos
Striggou, Marina
Xynogala, Maria
Stefanadis, Christodoulos
Publication Title: 
American Journal of Transplantation: Official Journal of the American Society of Transplantation and the American Society of Transplant Surgeons

The organ donor shortage has been the most important hindrance in getting listed patients transplanted. Living kidney donors who are incompatible with their intended recipients are an untapped resource for expanding the donor pool through participation in transplant exchanges. Chain transplantation takes this concept further, with the potential to benefit even more recipients.

Butt, F. K.
Gritsch, H. A.
Schulam, P.
Danovitch, G. M.
Wilkinson, A.
Del Pizzo, J.
Kapur, S.
Serur, D.
Katznelson, S.
Busque, S.
Melcher, M. L.
McGuire, S.
Charlton, M.
Hil, G.
Veale, J. L.
Publication Title: 
Activitas Nervosa Superior

The present study conducted on twelve normal healthy male subjects showed decrease in blood urea, increase in creatinine and tyrosine after one minute of Kapalabhati, a fast-breathing technique of Hatha Yoga (120 respiratory strokes (min.). From biochemical point of view the practice of Kapalabhati seems to promote decarboxylation and oxidation mechanisms due to which quieting of respiratory centres is achieved, which is also the prerequisite for the practice of Pranayama, another important technique of Yoga.

Desai, B. P.
Gharote, M. L.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVE: The seed extracts from Nigella sativa is used by Unani physicians of traditional medicine (Hakims or Tabibs) and Ayurvedic practitioners (Vaids) in the treatment of several medical disorders including dyslipidemia, obesity, and hypertension. It is, therefore, important to prove or disprove the effectiveness, safety, and tolerability of powdered N. sativa (Kalonji) seed in capsules on serum lipid levels, blood sugar, blood pressure, and body weight in adults. DESIGN: The study design was a randomized, double-blind trial.

Qidwai, Waris
Hamza, Hasan Bin
Qureshi, Riaz
Gilani, Anwar
Publication Title: 
Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Cystone, a polyherbal ayurvedic preparation, was found to protect rats partially but significantly against cisplatin-induced renal toxicity, when given intraperitonially 1 h before cisplatin. At 500 and 1000 microg/ml, it also inhibited lipid peroxidation induced by cisplatin in renal cortical slices by 62.7 and 71.6%, respectively. The rats pretreated with cystone (1000 mg/kg i.p.) had significantly lower blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine (33.8 and 0.92 mg/dl, respectively) compared to cisplatin alone (51.5 and 1.41 mg/dl, respectively).

Rao, M.
Rao, M. N.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Ethnopharmacology

The effect of cystone, a polyherbal ayurvedic preparation, on the nephrotoxicity and antitumor activity of cisplatin is studied in C57BL/6J mice bearing B16F1 melanoma. Intraperitoneal administration of cisplatin 6 mg/kg, resulted in significant reduction of body weight, elevation of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and serum creatinine levels on day 5. Cystone was found to protect tumor-bearing mice from cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity, when given i.p. 1 h before cisplatin. At 1000 mg/kg, it showed 46, 57 and 66% protection on body weight, BUN and serum creatinine levels, respectively.

Rao, M.
Praveen Rao, P. N.
Kamath, R.
Rao, M. N.


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