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Journal of Endourology / Endourological Society

OBJECTIVE: To explore the supportive evidence for the use of Ayurvedic medicine in the management of existing and recurrent nephrolithiasis. METHOD: Nine Ayurvedic medicines commonly utilized in the management of nephrolithiasis were identified by discussions with Ayurvedic practitioners in India. Mechanistic and clinical studies evaluating the use of these agents were identified using the Medline database and bibliographies suggested by Ayurvedic practitioners. The articles were then critically reviewed and summarized.

Kieley, Sam
Dwivedi, Roli
Monga, Manoj
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Journal of Ethnopharmacology

ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: Cyclea peltata (Lam.) Hook. f. & Thoms. (Menispermaceae), locally called 'Padathaali/Padakizhangu' is used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat peptic ulcer. AIM OF THE STUDY: To evaluate the gastric antisecretory and antiulcer activity of Cyclea peltata. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The ethanolic extract of Cyclea peltata root was used to evaluate its gastric antisecretory and antiulcer effect in the pylorus-ligated rat model and gastric lesions induced by ethanol or ethanol and indomethacin respectively in rats.

Shine, V. J.
Latha, P. G.
Shyamal, S.
Suja, S. R.
Anuja, G. I.
Sini, S.
Pradeep, S.
Rajasekharan, S.
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