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Journal of Mental Deficiency Research

Mortality trends during the past 50 years in the population of a hospital group for the mentally handicapped are reported. There has been a marked change in the causes of death during this period. Whilst tuberculosis is no longer a major cause, other terminal respiratory tract infections are still prevalent. Deaths due to status epilepticus have decreased, with a concomitant increase in those due to carcinoma, myocardial infarction and cerebrovascular accident. Similarly, the mortality rate has altered significantly.

Carter, G.
Jancar, J.
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European Neuropsychopharmacology: The Journal of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology

We aimed to get a comprehensive insight into the genetic evidence supporting the role of GSK3beta in bipolar disorder (BD). Using broad searches in NCBI's PubMed and the Genetic Association Database we looked for association, whole-genome linkage, genome-wide association, gene expression, pharmocogenomic, epigenetic, cytogenetic, and mouse model studies performed for BD until July 2009. Per gene, we rated the degree of converging evidence across these types of genetic studies.

Luykx, J. J.
Boks, M. P. M.
Terwindt, A. P. R.
Bakker, S.
Kahn, R. S.
Ophoff, R. A.
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Inquiry: A Journal of Medical Care Organization, Provision and Financing

Catholic hospitals maintain a significant presence in delivering hospital services in the United States, but little is known about the ways they differ from other ownership forms in similar market environments. This paper analyzes characteristics of Catholic, other private nonprofit, and investor-owned hospitals in metropolitan areas of the United States to identify the extent to which Catholic hospitals differ from other ownership types on three dimensions of mission-driven identity--access, stigmatized, and compassionate care services.

White, K. R.
Begun, J. W.
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Salud Publica De Mexico

OBJECTIVE: We aim to assess the opinions of Mexicans in the state of Tlaxcala on abortion and other topics concerning women's reproductive health and status in society. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We summarize opinions on abortion and women's roles in society and perform logit regressions to assess characteristics correlated with support for abortion rights.

Palermo, Tia M.
Wilson, Kate S.
GarcÌa, Sandra G.
DÌaz-Olavarrieta, Claudia
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Journal of Religion and Health

Though research has shown that religion provides a protective influence with respect to a number of health-related outcomes, little work has examined its influence on patterns of alcohol (especially binge drinking) and tobacco consumption among Latinos in Texas. Thus, we used a probability sample of Texas adults to test this relationship via logistic regression. Our results revealed that clear distinctions emerge on the basis of both denomination and frequency of attendance.

Garcia, Ginny
Ellison, Christopher G.
Sunil, Thankam S.
Hill, Terrence D.
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Archives of Sexual Behavior

To study the social and psychological consequences of induced abortion on the relationship between the pregnant woman and her partner, 92 patients seeking a socially indicated abortion, who had a stable partner at the time of abortion, were interviewed. Standardized psychological measures were used to assess their partnerships before abortion and on follow-up 1 year later.

Barnett, W.
Freudenberg, N.
Wille, R.
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Psychological Reports

Factor analysis of FIRO-B data obtained from new software product teams had led to a reformulation of Schutz's ideas on team compatibility. The concept of Group-Warmth as a derivative of the FIRO-B Inclusion and Affection scales was developed and shown to be related to the commercial effectiveness of teams. In a like manner, the FIRO-B constructs of Control-Expressed and Control-Wanted were explored through concurrent factor analysis of 16 PF data. A new interpretation has been given to both FIRO-B Control scales, namely, Assertive-Impulsive.

Fisher, S. G.
Macrosson, W. D.
Walker, C. A.
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Revista Gaucha De Enfermagem

This article aims at understanding what the friend and friendship represent for the elderly in the context of the geriatric home. One utilized the qualitative approach while the techniques for data collection were: thematic interview and indirect participant observation. The collection period was from April to June 2003, in a geriatric home located in the city of Salvador, Bahia. 15 elderly subjects were interviewed. The used analysis was of thematic contents.

Silva, C·tia Andrade
de Menezes, Maria do Ros·rio
Santos, Ana Carla Petersen de Oliveira
Carvalho, Lucimeire Santos
Barreiros, Edileide Xavier
Publication Title: 
Journal of Clinical Psychology

The current study examined the romantic relationships of individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Participants were 64 individuals recruited from a national conference who completed measures of OCD symptoms, depressive symptoms, intimacy, self-disclosure, relationship satisfaction, and relationship worry. Severity of obsessions was negatively correlated with intimacy, relationship satisfaction, and self-disclosure. In contrast, two compulsive behaviors (washing and neutralizing) were positively correlated with several relationship variables.

Abbey, Richard D.
Clopton, James R.
Humphreys, Joy D.
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Child Welfare

Using a telephone survey, this study examined the experiences of 100 foster mothers who receive aid through Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). Foster mothers reported numerous difficulties with TANF, including frequent sanctions and case closings, limited work and training opportunities, and pervasive material hardships. Foster children exhibited high levels of emotional and behavior problems. The data suggest that lack of access to child care and pressure to become self-sufficient may contribute to a decreased pool of foster mothers.

Critelli, Filomena M.


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