Decompression, Surgical

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Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

OBJECTIVE: Although chiropractic manipulation is commonly used for low back pain, applying this procedure to the patient with postlumbar spine surgery has not been adequately studied. The purpose of this retrospective chart review is to report on the results of chiropractic management (including Cox flexion distraction technique) of patients with postsurgical lumbar spine pain to determine the change in reported pain based on surgical type.

Kruse, Ralph A.
Cambron, Jerrilyn
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Indian Journal of Leprosy

Peripheral nerve involvement results in deformities formation in leprosy. High doses of (40-60 mg) steroids along with the anti-leprosy drugs is preferred even though the 70-75% cases develop deformity with the above treatment. 772 ulnar nerves, 120 median nerves and 108 posterior tibial nerves not responding to above medical treatment in 12 weeks, were undertaken for external and internal nerve trunk decompression. These cases were followed-up for 5-20 years at various intervals. The pain in nerves (neuritis) recovered in all cases of ulnar, median and posterior tibial nerves.

Husain, S.
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Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To observe the efficacy of modified acupotome combined with blocking therapy in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). METHODS: Fifty-five patients with CTS were divided into three groups, which were modified acupotome group including 26 CTS patients with 28 lesions treated by modified acupotome combined with blocking therapy, traditional acupotome group including 14 CTS patients with 16 lesions treated by traditional acupotome combined with blocking therapy, and blocking therapy group including 15 CTS patients with 15 lesions only treated by local blocking.

Wu, Wu-Jun
Pan, Cheng-En
Zhao, Lin
Jian, Wen-Zheng
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Europa Medicophysica

There are evidences to support recommending the early intake of prednisone (in its appropriate dose of 1 mg/kg body weight for up to 70 or 80 mg/day) or the combined use of prednisone and acyclovir (or valacyclovir) within 72 h following the onset of paralysis in order to improve the outcome of Bell's palsy (BP). Although there may be a controversy about the role of physiotherapy in BP or facial palsy, it seemed that local superficial heat therapy, massage, exercises, electrical stimulation and biofeedback training have a place in the treatment of lower motor facial palsy.

Shafshak, T. S.
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European archives of oto-rhino-laryngology: official journal of the European Federation of Oto-Rhino-Laryngological Societies (EUFOS): affiliated with the German Society for Oto-Rhino-Laryngology - Head and Neck Surgery

Peripheral facial nerve palsy (FNP) may (secondary FNP) or may not have a detectable cause (Bell's palsy). Three quarters of peripheral FNP are primary and one quarter secondary. The most prevalent causes of secondary FNP are systemic viral infections, trauma, surgery, diabetes, local infections, tumor, immunological disorders, or drugs. The diagnosis of FNP relies upon the presence of typical symptoms and signs, blood chemical investigations, cerebro-spinal-fluid-investigations, X-ray of the scull and mastoid, cerebral MRI, or nerve conduction studies.

Finsterer, Josef
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Medicina Oral, Patología Oral Y Cirugía Bucal

OBJECTIVES: The goal of the present study was to evaluate the results of applying acupuncture or occlusal decompression splints in the treatment of patients diagnosed with the temporomandibular joint pain-dysfunction syndrome. DESIGN OF THE STUDY: We conducted a randomized clinical trial including 20 patients to whom the mentioned treatments were applied.

Vicente-Barrero, Mario
Yu-Lu, Si-Lei
Zhang, Bingxin
Bocanegra-Pérez, Sacramento
Durán-Moreno, David
López-Márquez, Adriana
Knezevic, Milan
Castellano-Navarro, José-María
Limiñana-Cañal, José-María


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