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Journal of Dentistry

OBJECTIVES: This double blind randomized clinical trial evaluated the longevity of the whitening effect (6-month follow-up) of two carbamide peroxide concentrations used in at-home vital bleaching. METHODS: Ninety-two volunteers with shade mean C1 or darker for the six maxillary anterior teeth were randomized into two balanced groups (n=46) according to bleaching agent concentration: 10% (CP10) or 16% (CP16) carbamide peroxide. Patients were instructed to use the whitening agent in a tray for 2h/day during 3 weeks.

Meireles, S. S.
Heckmann, S. S.
Santos, I. S.
Della Bona, A.
Demarco, F. F.
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Journal of Public Health Dentistry

OBJECTIVES: This analysis describes the dental self-care behaviors used by a multiethnic sample of older adults and delineates the associations of self-care behaviors with personal characteristics and oral health problems. METHODS: A cross-sectional comprehensive oral health survey conducted with a random, multiethnic (African-American, American Indian, white) sample of 635 community-dwelling rural adults aged 60 years and older was completed in two rural southern counties.

Arcury, Thomas A.
Bell, Ronny A.
Anderson, Andrea M.
Chen, Haiying
Savoca, Margaret R.
Kohrman, Teresa
Quandt, Sara A.
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The Journal of Clinical Dentistry

The concept of gingival massage on maintaining the health of the gingiva may be of value as an adjunct in the periodontal maintenance phase of treatment. This study compared dental floss to a test product, a massage device, in a randomized population of 20 male and female subjects. Clinical measurements were taken at baseline, week 3, and week 6. Patients were instructed to brush twice daily using their normal hygiene methods and to use the assigned product once daily.

Kazmierczak, M.
Mather, M.
Anderson, T. M.
Ciancio, S. G.
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Journal (Canadian Dental Association)

This is the fourth in a series of 5 articles providing a contemporary overview and introduction to unconventional dentistry (UD) and its correlation to unconventional medicine (UM). Several common UD and UM practices are described to familiarize practitioners with a variety of theories, practices, products and treatments that specifically apply to dentistry. This brief review is not intended as an in-depth resource.

Goldstein, B. H.
Epstein, J. B.
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