Dependency (Psychology)

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The British Journal of Medical Psychology

A case of the Capras phenomenon in a man of 58, arising during the course of a depressive illness, is described. Physical, electroencephalographic and psychometric investigations gave no sign of organic disease, and recovery was complete. Factors leading to the development of a depressive psychosis and its particular manifestation in the Capgras delusion are traced in detail. The psychopathology of the condition and the implications for treatment are discussed.

Dally, P.
Gomez, J.
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Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior

This study describes the specific conflicts which suicidal women experience in their intimate relationships with men. Fifty women who had made suicide attempts were studied with a focus on the contributing role of their relationships with men to the genesis of the suicidal acts. Four major themes were found in the relationships: "smothering love", infidelity, battering, and denial of affection. The women experienced these conflicts as major precipitants in their suicidal behaviors. Examples of the four themes are described and analyzed.

Stephens, B. J.
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Journal of Psychosomatic Research

Cynical Mistrust was examined among 64 medical and surgical patients, 23 of whom were selected for a history of CHD and 41 for an absence of such a history. Cynical Mistrust was found to differentiate subjects with a positive history from those without such a history. As hypothesized, persons scoring high in Cynical Mistrust also scored high in Self-Worth by Social Comparison, Playing Hardball with Others and Self-Criticism.

Fontana, A. F.
Kerns, R. D.
Blatt, S. J.
Rosenberg, R. L.
Burg, M. M.
Colonese, K. L.
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Today's OR nurse

1. Destructive love is an active process of destroying the affection and tenderness between two people. 2. If people are unable to distinguish the difference between an argument that was formulated to clear up a misunderstanding from an argument that is destructive, they will be unable to function properly. 3.

Rhoades, R. A.
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American Journal of Psychotherapy

This paper has examined the cold-sick/love-sick pattern of a couple's interaction and presented a schema for intervening with the less accessible, but pivotal partner--usually the husband. The importance of carefully attending to the wife's needs, expectations, wishes, and frustrations has been understood. She is not to be considered an ace-in-the-hole. Acknowledging her needs, while gently urging her husband out of his protective covering will enhance a therapist's ability to enter the relationship system.

Beck, R. L.
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Violence and Victims

The factor structure, reliability, and validity of a 49-item scale designed to measure Stockholm Syndrome (also referred to as "traumatic bonding" and "terror bonding"), that is, bonding with an abusive partner, were assessed for college women in heterosexual dating relationships.

Graham, D. L.
Rawlings, E. I.
Ihms, K.
Latimer, D.
Foliano, J.
Thompson, A.
Suttman, K.
Farrington, M.
Hacker, R.
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Journal of Personality

Informed by three theoretical frameworks--trait psychology, evolutionary psychology, and interdependence theory--we report four investigations designed to develop and test the reliability and validity of a new construct and accompanying multiscale inventory, the Trait-Specific Dependence Inventory (TSDI). The TSDI assesses comparisons between present and alternative romantic partners on major dimensions of mate value.

Ellis, Bruce J.
Simpson, Jeffry A.
Campbell, Lorne
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The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child

The question of what is genuine maternal love was posed by a mother struggling to understand and value the nature of her bond with her small baby. The question surfaced time and again in the context of this dyad's long-term parent-infant psychotherapy and has challenged me to examine my thinking and, indeed, has produced impassioned discussions within the Parent Infant Project team at The Anna Freud Centre.

Baradon, Tessa
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Revista Brasileira De Psiquiatria (Sao Paulo, Brazil: 1999)

OBJECTIVE: The pathological love is characterized by being a behavior of taking care and paying attention to the beloved partner in a way which is repetitive and careless of control in an amorous relationship. Although the available data is comprised of case studies, such condition (which is distinguished itself from erotomania or delusional love) seems not to be rare. METHOD: We reviewed the available literature on the clinical characteristics of pathological love (PL), using the Medline, Lilacs and PsychoINFO databases.

Sophia, Eglacy C.
Tavares, Hermano
Zilberman, Monica L.
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Fertility and Sterility

OBJECTIVE: To extend existing research on the psychological impact of IVF by studying the association between the psychosocial factors of self-criticism and dependency, and romantic attachment, with the well-being and relationship satisfaction of couples across the different phases of IVF/intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment. DESIGN: Prospective, three-wave study (i.e., from start of IVF/ICSI treatment, to 3- and 6-month follow-up). SETTING: University hospital. PATIENT(S): Seventy couples in IVF/ICSI treatment.

Lowyck, Benedicte
Luyten, Patrick
Corveleyn, Jozef
D'Hooghe, Thomas
Buyse, Evelien
Demyttenaere, Koen


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