Dermatologic Surgical Procedures

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Archives of Dermatology
Burks, J. W.
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European Journal of Anaesthesiology

We studied the movement response to skin incision in 68 adult (males/females) ASA I-II patients receiving propofol +/- fentanyl intravenous anaesthesia using the bispectral index and 95% spectral edge frequency monitoring with an A-1050 EEG monitor.

Singh, H.
Sakai, T.
Matsuki, A.
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Journal of drugs in dermatology: JDD

Patient stress and anxiety are common preoperatively and during dermatologic procedures and surgeries. Stress and anxiety can occasionally interfere with performance of procedures or surgery and can induce hemodynamic instability, such as elevated blood pressure or syncope, as well as producing considerable discomfort for some patients. Detection of excess stress and anxiety in patients can allow the opportunity for corrective or palliative measures.

Shenefelt, Philip D.
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Annales De Dermatologie Et De Vénéréologie

BACKGROUND: Technical procedures in dermatology are painful. AIM: The aim of the study was to determine predictive factors for pain in such procedures. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This observational study evaluated pain by means of a numerical pain rating scale and a questionnaire about the circumstances of the pain and the use of analgesic methods. Data were analysed using Excel and SAS software. RESULTS: Five hundred and forty-six questionnaires were analysed. Among the patients, 45.4% had mild pain, 34.5% moderate pain and 20.1% severe pain.

Talour, K.
Schollhammer, M.
Garlantezec, R.
Quinio, B.
Misery, L.
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In advanced peripheral lymphedema particularly involving the legs, complex physical therapy (massage/bandage-wrapping compression, remedial exercises, and maintenance use of a low stretch elastic compression garment), is not uniformly successful. In six patients with morbid lymphedema of the legs, we described our positive experience using a modified Auchincloss/Homans excisional operation.

Kim, D. I.
Huh, S.
Lee, S. J.
Hwang, J. H.
Kim, Y. I.
Lee, B. B.
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