Publication Title: 
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

AIM: The aim of the present study was to investigate the usefulness of rose essential oil as a supplementary and adjunctive therapy for the relief of renal colic, specifically because rose essential oil is soothing and can act as a muscle relaxant. MATERIALS: Eighty patients who were diagnosed with renal colic in the emergency room were included in the study, with ages ranging from 19 to 64 years.

Ayan, Murat
Tas, Ufuk
Sogut, Erkan
Suren, Mustafa
Gurbuzler, Levent
Koyuncu, Feridun
Publication Title: 
Journal of Ethnopharmacology

"Trikatu"-an Ayurvedic formulation comprising of a 1:1:1 ratio of dried fruits of Piper nigrum, Piper longum and dried rhizomes of Zingiber officinale is widely used to enhance the bioavailability of drugs, like vasicine, indomethacin, etc. The enhanced biological response might lead to alteration of therapeutic regimens of commonly prescribed drugs.

Lala, L. G.
D'Mello, P. M.
Naik, S. R.
Publication Title: 
Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology

The present study was aimed to establish the efficacy of Jeevaneeya Rasayana (JR), an ayurvedic polyherbal formulation, in adjuvant-induced arthritic (AIA) rat model with reference to mediators of inflammation. The methanolic (MJR), ethanolic (EJR), and water extracts (WJR) of JR were prepared and their anti-inflammatory activity in carrageenan-induced acute model was evaluated. MJR at a dose of 25 mg/kg showed significantly higher anti-inflammatory effect than EJR, WJR, and standard drug diclofenac. MJR also significantly decreased the paw edema in AIA rats.

Shyni, G. L.
Ratheesh, M.
Sindhu, G.
Helen, A.
Publication Title: 
Drugs Under Experimental and Clinical Research

To evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of the new diclofenac-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-pyrrolidine lecithin gel (DHEP lecithin gel, with 1.3% DHEP and 2.4% lecithin) compared with the efficacy and tolerability of diclofenac-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-pyrrolidine gel (DHEP gel) in peri and extraarticular inflammatory states, a controlled, randomized, double-blind clinical study was conducted. Two groups of 50 patients each were enrolled and were given one of the two different formulations with a slight massage on the painful area three times a day for 10 consecutive days.

Fioravanti, A.
Cicero, M. R.
Nerucci, F.
Manopulo, R.
Marcolongo, R.
Publication Title: 
BMC musculoskeletal disorders

BACKGROUND: Topical NSAIDs have been proven to relieve the symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA) in short-term studies (2 weeks). To justify its chronic use, efficacy of a topical NSAID over a longer term of study should be demonstrated. The efficacy and safety of a topical diclofenac solution over a 6-week treatment course in symptomatic primary OA of the knee was investigated. METHODS: 216 men and women, age 40-85 years, with radiologically confirmed primary OA of the knee and a flare of pain at baseline following discontinuation of prior therapy were enrolled into this double-blind study.

Baer, Philip A.
Thomas, Lisa M.
Shainhouse, Zev
Publication Title: 
Explore (New York, N.Y.)

CONTEXT: The incidence of tendon injuries and tendinopathy has risen substantially in the past decades. OBJECTIVE: To assess the noninferiority of therapy based on the homeopathic preparation Traumeel S ointment (Heel GmbH, Baden-Baden, Germany) compared with treatment based on diclofenac 1% gel in patients with tendinopathies of varying etiology. DESIGN: Nonrandomized, observational study. SETTING: Ninety-five homeopathy and conventional medical practices in Germany.

Schneider, Christian
Klein, Peter
Stolt, Pelle
Oberbaum, Menachem
Publication Title: 
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the indications of the therapies for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) with neural network model analysis. METHODS: Three hundred and ninety-seven patients were included in the clinical trial from 9 clinical centers. They were randomly divided into Western medicine (WM) treated group, 194 cases; and traditional Chinese herbal medicine (CM) treated group, 203 cases. A complete physical examination and 18 common clinical manifestations were prepared before the randomization and after the treatment.

Zha, Qing-lin
He, Yi-Ting
Yan, Xiao-ping
Su, Li
Song, Yue-jin
Zeng, Sheng-ping
Liu, Wei
Feng, Xing-hua
Qian, Xian
Zhu, Wan-hua
Lin, Se-qi
Lu, Cheng
Lu, Ai-Ping
Publication Title: 
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical therapeutic effect of the combination therapy of traditional Chinese and Western medicines in treating gouty arthritis based on the stage of disease, and to explore a safe, effective and reasonable therapeutic regimen for prevention and treatment of gouty arthritis. METHODS: One hundred and sixty-six cases of gouty arthritis were divided into three groups randomly, 58 cases in traditional Chinese drug (TCD)-treated group, 56 cases in Western medicine (WM)-treated group and 52 cases in TCD plus WM-treated group. They were all treated for 12 weeks.

Wang, Yi-Fei
Li, Bo-hua
Zhang, Ming
Xu, Wen-Bin
Zhou, Rong
Zhou, Min
Publication Title: 
BMJ (Clinical research ed.)

OBJECTIVES: To analyse the efficacy of acupuncture as a complementary therapy to the pharmacological treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, with respect to pain relief, reduction of stiffness, and increased physical function during treatment; modifications in the consumption of diclofenac during treatment; and changes in the patient's quality of life. DESIGN: Randomised, controlled, single blind trial, with blinded evaluation and statistical analysis of results. SETTING: Pain management unit in a public primary care centre in southern Spain, over a period of two years.

Vas, Jorge
Méndez, Camila
Perea-Milla, Emilio
Vega, Evelia
Panadero, María Dolores
León, José María
Borge, Miguel Angel
Gaspar, Olga
Sánchez-Rodríguez, Francisco
Aguilar, Inmaculada
Jurado, Rosario
Publication Title: 
BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Low back pain and its associated incapacitating effects constitute an important healthcare and socioeconomic problem, as well as being one of the main causes of disability among adults of working age. The prevalence of non-specific low back pain is very high among the general population, and 60-70% of adults are believed to have suffered this problem at some time. Nevertheless, few randomised clinical trials have been made of the efficacy and efficiency of acupuncture with respect to acute low back pain.

Vas, Jorge
Perea-Milla, Emilio
Méndez, Camila
Silva, Luis Carlos
Herrera Galante, Antonia
Aranda Regules, Jose Manuel
Martinez Barquin, Dulce M.
Aguilar, Inmaculada
Faus, Vicente


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