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Climacteric: The Journal of the International Menopause Society

A number of health and lifestyle factors are thought to contribute to cognitive decline associated with age but cannot be easily modified by the individual patient. We identified 12 individually modifiable interventions that can be implemented during midlife or later with the potential to ameliorate cognitive aging. For ten of these, we used PubMed databases for a systematic review of long-duration (at least 6 months), randomized, controlled trials in midlife and older adults without dementia or mild cognitive impairment with objective measures of neuropsychological performance.

Lehert, P.
Villaseca, P.
Hogervorst, E.
Maki, P. M.
Henderson, V. W.
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Cell Cycle (Georgetown, Tex.)

Aging can be viewed as a quasi-programmed phenomenon driven by the overactivation of the nutrient-sensing mTOR gerogene. mTOR-driven aging can be triggered or accelerated by a decline or loss of responsiveness to activation of the energy-sensing protein AMPK, a critical gerosuppressor of mTOR.

Menendez, Javier A.
Joven, Jorge
AragonËs, Gerard
BarrajÛn-Catal·n, Enrique
Beltr·n-DebÛn, Ra˙l
Borr·s-Linares, Isabel
Camps, Jordi
Corominas-Faja, Bruna
CufÌ, SÌlvia
Fern·ndez-Arroyo, Salvador
Garcia-Heredia, Anabel
Hern·ndez-Aguilera, Anna
Herranz-LÛpez, MarÌa
JimÈnez-S·nchez, Cecilia
LÛpez-Bonet, Eugeni
Lozano-S·nchez, Jes˙s
Luciano-Mateo, Fedra
Martin-Castillo, BegoÒa
Martin-Paredero, Vicente
PÈrez-S·nchez, Almudena
Oliveras-Ferraros, Cristina
Riera-Borrull, Marta
RodrÌguez-Gallego, Esther
Quirantes-PinÈ, Rosa
Rull, Anna
Tom·s-Menor, Laura
Vazquez-Martin, Alejandro
Alonso-Villaverde, Carlos
Micol, Vicente
Segura-Carretero, Antonio
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PloS One

Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) and rate of telomere shortening are known biomarkers of aging while, numerous studies showed that Mediterranean diet (MD) may boost longevity. We studied association between telomere length, telomerase activity and different adherence to MD and its effects on healthy status. The study was conducted in 217 elderly subjects stratified according Mediterranean diet score (MDS) in low adherence (MDS?3), medium adherence (MDS 4-5) and high adherence (MDS?6) groups.

Boccardi, Virginia
Esposito, Antonietta
Rizzo, Maria Rosaria
Marfella, Raffaele
Barbieri, Michelangela
Paolisso, Giuseppe
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Climacteric: The Journal of the International Menopause Society

Interactions between genetic (genome) and environmental factors (epigenome) operate during a person's entire lifespan. The aging process is associated with several cellular and organic functional alterations that, at the end, cause multi-organic cell failure. Epigenetic mechanisms of aging are modifiable by appropriate preventive actions mediated by sirtuins, caloric input, diet components, adipose tissue-related inflammatory reactions, and physical activity.

Chedraui, P.
PÈrez-LÛpez, F. R.
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The New England Journal of Medicine

BACKGROUND: Adherence to a Mediterranean diet may improve longevity, but relevant data are limited. METHODS: We conducted a population-based, prospective investigation involving 22,043 adults in Greece who completed an extensive, validated, food-frequency questionnaire at base line. Adherence to the traditional Mediterranean diet was assessed by a 10-point Mediterranean-diet scale that incorporated the salient characteristics of this diet (range of scores, 0 to 9, with higher scores indicating greater adherence).

Trichopoulou, Antonia
Costacou, Tina
Bamia, Christina
Trichopoulos, Dimitrios
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Health News (Waltham, Mass.)
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The British Journal of Nutrition

The longevity and excellent health status of the population of Crete has been attributed to its lifestyle and dietary habits. The impact of Greek Orthodox Christian Church fasting on these dietary habits has never been studied. One hundred and twenty Greek Orthodox Christians living in Crete participated in a 1-year prospective study. One half of the subjects, who fasted regularly (fasters), and sixty non-faster controls were followed longitudinally for the three main fasting periods over 1 year; Christmas (40 d), Lent (48 d) and the Assumption (15 d).

Sarri, Katerina O.
Linardakis, Manolis K.
Bervanaki, Frosso N.
Tzanakis, Nikolaos E.
Kafatos, Anthony G.
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JAMA: the journal of the American Medical Association
Rimm, Eric B.
Stampfer, Meir J.
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European journal of cancer prevention: the official journal of the European Cancer Prevention Organisation (ECP)

While several investigations have focused on the association between individual foods and nutrients upon the development of chronic diseases, few have examined the role that entire dietary patterns may play in health and disease. A dietary pattern generally considered to have beneficial health effects is that of the Mediterranean diet. In this paper, five cohort studies exploring the association of Mediterranean diet with overall mortality and hence longevity are reviewed. A number of conclusions can be drawn.

Trichopoulou, A.
Critselis, E.
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Public Health Nutrition

OBJECTIVE: To review the evidence that the traditional Mediterranean diet is associated with longevity. SETTING: Elderly persons of both genders in Greece, Spain, Denmark and Australia studied by different groups of investigators. METHODS: Adherence to the principles of the Mediterranean diet was operationalised through a score devised a priori, and study participants were followed up until death or the end of the study. Proportional hazard models were used.

Trichopoulou, Antonia


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