Digestive System Diseases

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Gastroenterologia Y Hepatologia

Correspondence is an important source of documentation for studying health and, therefore, the gastrointestinal symptoms of diseases. We studied the gastrointestinal disease described in the Monumenta Borgia collection, which contains documents from the 16th century, mainly letters about Francis Borgia, the last great figure of a family originally from Valencia and with universal significance.

Devesa Jord‡, Francesc
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Klinicheskaia Meditsina

The article presents modern data on depressive syndrome, its prevalence and possible reasons for its growth, the role of psychoemotional stress in the development of anxiety depression (AD), as well as psychosomatic diseases and syndromes and modern views on the mechanisms of their formation. The authors discuss methods of revealing and diagnostic criteria of AD and psychosomatic diseases, including those that develop against the background of masked depression.

Tsimmerman, Ia S.
Tsimmerman, I. Ia
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Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Unconventional, alternative or unorthodox systems of treatment have become increasingly popular in recent years. We interviewed patients visiting the Internal Medicine outpatient department (OPD) for a period of 6 months regarding their use of unconventional therapies. Overall 76% of patients visiting the OPD had used one or more of the unconventional therapies in the past 1 year. Homeopathy was found to be the most frequently used alternative therapy (38.6%). A large number of patients used more than one unconventional therapy.

Malhotra, S.
Bhatia, G. S.
Pandhi, P.
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Polski Merkuriusz Lekarski: Organ Polskiego Towarzystwa Lekarskiego

Genetically modified food (GMF) creates evident threat to consumers' health. In spite of assurances of biotechnologists, DNA of transgenic plants is instable, so, synthesis of foreign, allergenic proteins is possible. Due to high trypsin inhibitor content the GMF is digested much more slowly what, alike Bt toxin presence, increases probability of alimentary canal diseases.

Cichosz, G.
Wiackowski, S. K.
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Chinese Medical Journal

BACKGROUND: Spleen in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is not actually the spleen in the anatomic sense designated in western medicine because its functions basically belong to the physiological category of digestive system in modern medicine, and it represents a macroscopic concept of digestion, absorption and nutrition metabolism. Spleen deficiency syndrome refers to the clinical phenomena such as hypofunction of digestion, absorption and nutrition metabolism.

Yin, Guang-yao
Zhang, Wu-ning
Shen, Xiao-jing
He, Xue-fen
Chen, Yi
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