Disabled Children

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The American Journal of Occupational Therapy: Official Publication of the American Occupational Therapy Association

PURPOSE. We conducted a systematic review examining the extent to which pediatric intervention research recently published in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy reflects occupational therapy's holistic occupation-based tenets. METHOD. We surveyed 10 systematic reviews and analyzed 38 single effectiveness studies for intervention approach, type, level of environmental targeting, level of occupational task and participation practice, and measures used. RESULTS.

Kreider, Consuelo M.
Bendixen, Roxanna M.
Huang, Yu Yun
Lim, Yoonjeong
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Christian Bioethics

Peter Singer's recent appointment to Princeton University created considerable controversy, most of it focused on his proposal for active euthanasia of disabled infants. Singer articulates utilitarian ideas that often appear in public discussions of euthanasia. Drawing on Pope John Paul II's work on ethics and suffering, I argue that Singer's utilitarian theory of value is impoverished. After introducing the Pope's ethic based on the imago dei, I discuss love as self-gift.

Jeffreys, Derek S.
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Qualitative Health Research

A significant percentage of children in foster care in North America are younger than 1 year of age and are in foster care because of parental substance use and other social challenges. Infants might present with specific health and behavioral issues that are challenging to manage within the foster family home environment; foster families require specialized skills and knowledge to manage these issues.

Marcellus, Lenora
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Wiener Medizinische Wochenschrift (1946)

We describe a family with a severely disabled child who demonstrates many of the characteristics of resilient families: strong relationships, good communication, and profound love of the disabled child. But this family has a characteristic that is infrequently described in the literature yet common in practice: the mother initiated many medical decisions based on knowledge gathered on the Internet. Parental education on the Internet can now allow families to gain a sense of mastery over their child's disease.

Sutton, Marianne B.
Windischbauer, Stefanie
Sutton, Evelyne Magali St John
Weixler, Dietmar
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Sociology of Health & Illness

Recent research has highlighted how parental narratives can be important in the resistance against disabling processes. This article contains analyses of enabling language in narratives published by Scandinavian disability rights organizations. First, drawing on the work of Fisher and Goodley, I point out that the material constitute a threefold: normality narratives, resistance narratives, and narratives that demonstrate an appreciation of the present and the child's individual alterity.

Hanisch, Halvor
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MCN. The American journal of maternal child nursing

This article examines the reactions of children to the complex illness and disability of their brothers and sisters. It proposes strategies of nursing support to increase the likelihood that these children will cope with the resultant family stress in a positive manner. In order to better understand their feelings, siblings of hospitalized children were interviewed and comments from other siblings who responded on a Web site, "Band-Aides and Blackboards: When Chronic Illness ... or Some Other Medical Problem ... Goes to School" were included.

Fleitas, J.
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Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing

PURPOSE: This study was done to evaluate the effects of 3 times/week and 5 times/week abdominal meridian massage with aroma oils (AMMAO) on the relief of constipation among hospitalized children with disabilities involving the brain lesions (cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and others). METHODS: The participants were 33 hospitalized children with a disability involving the brain (15 were in the 5 times/week of AMMAO group and 18 were in the 3 times/week of AMMAO group). Data were collected from March 21 to May 1, 2011.

Nam, Mi Jung
Bang, Young Ie
Kim, Tae Im
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OBJECTIVES: We sought to examine the health care experiences of children with autism spectrum disorder and the impact of autism spectrum disorder on the family and to assess whether having a medical home is associated with less family impact.

Kogan, Michael D.
Strickland, Bonnie B.
Blumberg, Stephen J.
Singh, Gopal K.
Perrin, James M.
van Dyck, Peter C.
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Child: Care, Health and Development

BACKGROUND: The life expectancy of children with physical disabilities now extends into adulthood and has been accompanied by the transfer of rehabilitation services from institutions to the home. Thus, families must increasingly partner with health service providers to promote their child's health and prevent the development of secondary conditions that may contribute to heart disease, stroke, respiratory diseases, low endurance and emotional difficulties.

Antle, B. J.
Mills, W.
Steele, C.
Kalnins, I.
Rossen, B.
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Child Welfare

The influence of disabilities on placement outcomes was examined for 277 children who were removed from their biological parents due to substantiated maltreatment. Results indicated that children with a disability were less likely to reunify and more likely to reside in nonkin foster care two years later than typical children. Children with cognitive, emotional /behavioral, and physical disabilities were over four times more likely to be permanently living in nonkin foster care than to be reunified.

Romney, Stephanie C.
Litrownik, Alan J.
Newton, Rae R.
Lau, Anna


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