Publication Title: 
Nature Medicine

Previous anti-inflammatory strategies against sepsis, a leading cause of death in hospitals, had limited efficacy in clinical trials, in part because they targeted single cytokines and the experimental models failed to mimic clinical settings. Neuronal networks represent physiological mechanisms, selected by evolution to control inflammation, that can be exploited for the treatment of inflammatory and infectious disorders. Here, we report that sciatic nerve activation with electroacupuncture controls systemic inflammation and rescues mice from polymicrobial peritonitis.

Torres-Rosas, Rafael
Yehia, Ghassan
Peña, Geber
Mishra, Priya
del Rocio Thompson-Bonilla, Maria
Moreno-Eutimio, Mario Adán
Arriaga-Pizano, Lourdes Andrea
Isibasi, Armando
Ulloa, Luis


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