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BMC gastroenterology

BACKGROUND: In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, functional dyspepsia (FD) can be divided into different syndromes according to different clinical symptoms and signs, and the most common one is spleen-deficiency and qi-stagnation syndrome that can be treated by Chinese traditional patent medicine--two kinds of Zhizhu pills, between which the primary difference in ingredients is that one contains immature orange fruit of Citrus aurantium L.(IFCA) and the other contains that of Citrus sinensis Osbeck (IFCS).

Wu, Hongli
Jing, Zhiwei
Tang, Xudong
Wang, Xinyue
Zhang, Shengsheng
Yu, Yanan
Wang, Zhong
Cao, Hongxin
Huang, Luqi
Yu, Youhua
Wang, Yongyan
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Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine = Chung I Tsa Chih Ying Wen Pan / Sponsored by All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To systematically assess the clinical effectiveness of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the treatment of functional dyspepsia (FD) of liver-stomach disharmony syndrome by meta-analysis. METHODS: Random controlled trials (RCTs) were retrieved from databases, including Pubmed, China national knowledge infrastructure, Wanfang Data, VIP Information, and the Cochrane Library. Trials were selected according to inclusion criteria.

Wang, Chuijie
Zhu, Mingjin
Xia, Wei
Jiang, Wei
Li, Yan
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BACKGROUND: Acupuncture is widely used in China to treat functional dyspepsia (FD). However, its effectiveness in the treatment of FD, and whether FD-specific acupoints exist, are controversial. So this study aims to determine if acupuncture is an effective treatment for FD and if acupoint specificity exists according to traditional acupuncture meridians and acupoint theories. DESIGN: This multicenter randomized controlled trial will include four acupoint treatment groups, one non-acupoint control group and one drug (positive control) group.

Zheng, Hui
Tian, Xiao-Ping
Li, Ying
Liang, Fan-Rong
Yu, Shu-Guang
Liu, Xu-Guang
Tang, Yong
Yang, Xu-Guang
Yan, Jie
Sun, Guo-jie
Chang, Xiao-rong
Zhang, Hong-xing
Ma, Ting-ting
Yu, Shu-yuan
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BACKGROUND: In order to evaluate the safety of acupuncture in China objectively, we investigated the adverse events associated with acupuncture based on three multicentre randomized controlled trials (RCTs) to assess the safety of acupuncture, identifying the common types of acupuncture adverse events, and analysing the related risk factors for their occurrence. METHODS: This observational study included patients who received acupuncture from three multicentre RCTs respectively for migraine, functional dyspepsia and Bell's palsy.

Zhao, Ling
Zhang, Fu-wen
Li, Ying
Wu, Xi
Zheng, Hui
Cheng, Lin-hao
Liang, Fan-Rong
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Arquivos De Gastroenterologia

CONTEXT: Functional dyspepsia represents a frequent gastrointestinal disorder in clinical practice. According to the Roma III criteria, functional dyspepsia can be classified into two types as the predominant symptom: epigastric pain and postprandial discomfort. Even though the pathophysiology is still uncertain, the functional dyspepsia seems to be related to multiple mechanisms, among them visceral hypersensitivity, changes in the gastroduodenal motility and gastric accommodation and psychological factors.

Lima, Flávia Altaf da Rocha
Ferreira, Lincoln Eduardo Villela Vieira de Castro
Pace, Fábio Heleno de Lima


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