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Hu Li Za Zhi The Journal of Nursing

BACKGROUND: Aging and age-related health problems are major issues of concern for community health services. Yoga is an exercise with both physiological and psychological effects on aging. Although many studies have assessed the effectiveness of yoga in the elderly, little information is available in the literature to support empirical conclusions. PURPOSE: This review synthesizes and characterizes findings related to the effects of yoga on depression and quality of sleep in the elderly.

Wang, You-Yin
Chang, Hsiao-Yun
Lin, Chen-Yu
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Geriatrics & Gerontology International

Medication adherence is a crucial part in the management of chronic diseases. As older adults form a greater proportion of the population with chronic diseases and multiple morbidities, understanding medication adherence in older adults becomes important. In the present article, we aimed to systematically review the literature for the factors associated with medication adherence in the geriatric population. We carried out a literature search using electronic databases and related keywords. 17?391 articles were reviewed in total. 65 articles were found to be relevant to our objective.

Yap, Angela Frances
Thirumoorthy, Thiru
Kwan, Yu Heng
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Pain Medicine (Malden, Mass.)

OBJECTIVE: To present an algorithm of sequential treatment options for managing myofascial pain (MP) in older adults, along with a representative clinical case. METHODS: A modified Delphi process was used to synthesize evidence-based recommendations. A multidisciplinary expert panel developed the algorithm, which was subsequently refined through an iterative process of input from a primary care physician panel. RESULTS: We present an algorithm and supportive materials to help guide the care of older adults with MP, an important contributor to chronic low back pain (CLBP).

Lisi, Anthony J.
Breuer, Paula
Gallagher, Rollin M.
Rodriguez, Eric
Rossi, Michelle I.
Schmader, Kenneth
Scholten, Joel D.
Weiner, Debra K.
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Journal of Affective Disorders

BACKGROUND: Little is known about coping styles and personality traits in older bipolar patients. Adult bipolar patients show a passive coping style and higher neuroticism scores compared to the general population. Our aim is to investigate personality traits and coping in older bipolar patients and the relationship between coping and personality. METHOD: 75 Older patients (age > 60) with bipolar I or II disorder in a euthymic mood completed the Utrecht Coping List and the NEO Personality Inventory FFI and were compared to normative data.

Schouws, Sigfried N. T. M.
Paans, Nadine P. G.
Comijs, Hannie C.
Dols, Annemiek
Stek, Max L.
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