Embryo, Nonmammalian

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The Journals of Gerontology. Series A, Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences

Previous studies indicated that renal tubular epithelial cells from some long-lived avian species exhibit robust and/or unique protective mechanisms against oxidative stress relative to murine cells.

Ogburn, C. E.
Carlberg, K.
Ottinger, M. A.
Holmes, D. J.
Martin, G. M.
Austad, S. N.
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Cardiovascular Toxicology

In 2011, dozens of children and pregnant women in Korea died by exposure to sterilizer for household humidifier, such as Oxy(Æ) and Cefu(Æ). Until now, however, it remains unknown how the sterilizer affect the human health to cause the acute deaths. To find its toxicity for organ, we investigated the putative toxicity of the sterilizer in the cardiovascular system. The sterilizers, polyhexamethylene guanidine phosphate (PHMG, Cefu(Æ)), and oligo-[2-(2-ethoxy)-ethoxyethyl)-guanidinium-chloride (PGH, Oxy(Æ)) were treated to human lipoproteins, macrophages, and dermal fibroblast cells.

Kim, Jae-Yong
Kim, Hak Hyeon
Cho, Kyung-Hyun
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The Journal of Antibiotics

In the course of our screening program to discover antimalarial antibiotics, which are active against drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum in vitro and rodents infected with P. berghei in vivo, from the culture broth of microorganisms, we found a selective and potent active substance produced by an actinomycete strain K99-0413. It was identified as a known polyether antibiotic, X-206. We also compared the in vitro antimalarial activities and cytotoxicities of 12 known polyethers with X-206.

Otoguro, K.
Kohana, A.
Manabe, C.
Ishiyama, A.
Ui, H.
Shiomi, K.
Yamada, H.
Omura, S.
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Acta Pharmacologica Sinica

AIM: To investigate the embryotoxicity of dihydroartemisinin (DHA), the main active metabolite of artemisinin, in zebrafish, and explore the corresponding mechanisms. METHODS: The embryos of wild type and TG (flk1:GFP) transgenic zebrafish were exposed to DHA. Developmental phenotypes of the embryos were observed. Development of blood vessels was directly observed in living embryos of TG (flk1:GFP) transgenic zebrafish under fluorescence microscope.

Ba, Qian
Duan, Juan
Tian, Jia-qiang
Wang, Zi-liang
Chen, Tao
Li, Xiao-guang
Chen, Pei-zhan
Wu, Song-jie
Xiang, Li
Li, Jing-quan
Chu, Rui-ai
Wang, Hui
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Cell Cycle (Georgetown, Tex.)

The cancer stem cell is defined by its capacity to self-renew, the potential to differentiate into all cells of the tumor and the ability to proliferate and drive the expansion of the tumor. Thus, targeting these cells may provide novel anti-cancer treatment strategies. Breast cancer stem cells have been isolated according to surface marker expression, ability to efflux fluorescent dyes, increased activity of aldehyde dehydrogenase or the capacity to form spheres in non-adherent culture conditions.

Eguiara, Arrate
Holgado, Olaia
Beloqui, Izaskun
Abalde, Leire
Sanchez, Yolanda
Callol, Carles
Martin, Angel G.
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Nanoparticles have diverse applications in electronics, medical devices, therapeutic agents and cosmetics. While the commercialization of nanoparticles is rapidly expanding, their health and environmental impact is not well understood. Toxicity assays of silver, gold, and platinum nanoparticles, using zebrafish embryos to study their developmental effects were carried out. Gold (Au-NP, 15-35 nm), silver (Ag-NP, 5-35 nm) and platinum nanoparticles (Pt-NP, 3-10 nm) were synthesized using polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a capping agent.

Asharani, P. V.
Lianwu, Yi
Gong, Zhiyuan
Valiyaveettil, Suresh
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