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Annals of Emergency Medicine

STUDY OBJECTIVE: I investigate accessibility of emergency contraception pills at hospital emergency departments and survey staff at Catholic and non-Catholic hospitals across the United States. More specifically, I sought to report the likelihood that a woman calling a hospital and seeking emergency contraception could access the medication; (2) if emergency contraception is not provided, whether hospital staff would provide a referral to another facility; and (3) the outcome of the referral process.

Harrison, Teresa
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Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice

A bill was introduced into the Tennessee legislature in the 2005 session that would require emergency departments to offer and dispense emergency contraception to sexual assault survivors who are at risk of pregnancy. Several advocacy groups collaborated to form the Women's Health Safety Network for the purpose of communicating as one voice. The advocacy coalition framework of policy development is applied to the political system and is used as a model to discuss issues impacting policy development for this particular bill.

Schorn, Mavis N.
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OBJECTIVES: For female emergency department (ED) patients, we sought to assess the prevalence of contraceptive usage as well as the extent of contraceptive knowledge and to determine if demographic and sexual health history factors, comprehension of contraceptive methods and moral/religious opinions on contraception were associated with current usage of birth control pills (BCPs), prior usage of emergency contraception (EC) and frequency of condom usage.

Merchant, Roland C.
Damergis, Jennifer A.
Gee, Erin M.
Bock, Beth C.
Becker, Bruce M.
Clark, Melissa A.
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Journal of Personality Disorders

To determine whether ambulatory psychotherapy targeted to abandonment experiences and fears can reduce suicidality and improve outcome in borderline patients referred to the emergency room with major depressive disorder and self-destructive behavior severe enough to require medical/surgical treatment and a brief psychiatric hospitalization. A total of 170 subjects were randomized at hospital discharge into three treatment groups: treatment as usual (TAU), abandonment psychotherapy delivered by certified psychotherapists, and abandonment psychotherapy delivered by nurses.

Andreoli, A.
Burnand, Y.
Cochennec, M.-F.
Ohlendorf, P.
Frambati, L.
Gaudry-Maire, D.
Di Clemente, Th
Hourton, G.
Lorillard, S.
Canuto, A.
Frances, A.
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The British Journal of Psychiatry: The Journal of Mental Science

BACKGROUND: Presentation at an accident and emergency (A&E) department is a key opportunity to engage with a young person who self-harms. The needs of this vulnerable group and their fears about presenting to healthcare services, including A&E, are poorly understood. AIMS: To examine young people's perceptions of A&E treatment following self-harm and their views on what constitutes a positive clinical encounter. METHOD: Secondary analysis of qualitative data from an experimental online discussion forum.

Owens, Christabel
Hansford, Lorraine
Sharkey, Siobhan
Ford, Tamsin
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Revista Latino-Americana De Enfermagem

This descriptive study with qualitative approach aimed to identify the feelings that result from the practice and training of nurses working in mobile Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Nine nurses were interviewed in September 2007. Bardin's content analysis was used and six categories emerged: "Feelings aroused in the EMS", "Experiences in the daily routine", "nurses' activities in EMS", "Personal and professional preparedness", "Reflecting on the professional training" and "Nurses' perceptions of the EMS".

Romanzini, Ev‚nio M·rcio
Bock, LisnÈia Fabiani
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Pediatric Emergency Care

BACKGROUND: There is a paucity of information about parental perceptions of clinical research in children, particularly in the emergency department (ED) setting. METHODS: Parents accompanying their child to the ED completed a self-administered survey gauging perceptions of research and willingness to enroll a child in a clinical research study. Factor analysis was used to correlate survey responses into domains representing parents' feeling about participation in a research study.

Abernethy, Lucy E.
Paulsen, Elizabeth L.
Monuteaux, Michael C.
Berry, Mark P.
Neuman, Mark I.
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Journal of Nursing Scholarship: An Official Publication of Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to explore the reasons adult patients seeking emergency department care for minor injuries agree to participate in clinical research and to identify their reservations about participating in a research study. DESIGN AND METHODS: This is a secondary analysis of data from a longitudinal cohort study of 275 adults who sought emergency department care for physical injury and were followed over 12 months. At the final interview, participants were asked open-ended short-answer questions about their perception of participating in the study.

Irani, Elliane
Richmond, Therese S.
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The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Ewin, D. M.
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The American Journal of Emergency Medicine

Five cases are presented wherein hypnosis was used by the emergency physician either as the primary mode of treatment or as an adjuvant to standard medical care. Common hypnotic phenomena (eg, anesthesia, analgesia), as well as novel effects, are reported. The technique used for trance induction and utilization is briefly outlined, and criteria are set forth for the bedside recognition of hypnotic trance.

Bierman, S. F.


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