Emigrants and Immigrants

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Journal of Physical Activity & Health

BACKGROUND: The role of social-environmental factors in physical activity (PA) within lower income and ethnic minority populations is understudied. This study explored correlates of age-related PA and perceived walkability (PW). METHODS: Cross-sectional data (N = 401 women; ?18 y) were collected within the Jane-Finch community in Toronto, Ontario using questionnaires. Generalized additive models, an extension to multiple regression, were used to estimate effect sizes and standard errors.

Perez, Daniel F.
Ritvo, Paul G.
Brown, Patrick E.
Holowaty, Eric
Ardern, Chris
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American Journal of Human Biology: The Official Journal of the Human Biology Council

Frontier populations provide exceptional opportunities to test the hypothesis of a trade-off between fertility and longevity. In such populations, mechanisms favoring reproduction usually find fertile ground, and if these mechanisms reduce longevity, demographers should observe higher postreproductive mortality among highly fertile women.

Gagnon, Alain
Smith, Ken R.
Tremblay, Marc
VÈzina, HÈlËne
ParÈ, Paul-Philippe
Desjardins, Bertrand
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Schizophrenia Bulletin

The search for the causes of schizophrenia has predominantly originated from 2 research paradigms; genetics and epidemiology. While each approach has made important contributions to etiological understanding, neither has fully resolved the exact milieu of risk factors for schizophrenia, and there is growing recognition that several pathways to the onset of such disorders may exist.

Kirkbride, James B.
Jones, Peter B.
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Psychiatria Danubina

A higher rate of psychosis has been observed in immigrant populations as compared to the indigenous populations of the UK. Specifically, second generation immigrants (born in the UK) have been noted to have the highest risk. This phenomenon has been attributed to a number of genetic and social factors such as problems with acculturation. Previous studies in Luton, Bedfordshire have shown that the Bangladeshi community experience the highest rate of psychosis above all other ethnic minorities in this area.

Tahira, Aisha
Agius, Mark
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International Review of Psychiatry (Abingdon, England)

Autism (AUT) is one of the most prevalent developmental disorders emerging during childhood, and can be amongst the most incapacitating mental disorders. Some individuals with AUT require a lifetime of supervised care. Autism Speaks reported estimated costs for 2012 at £34 billion in the UK; and $3.2 million-$126 billion in the US, Australia and Canada. Ethnicity and migration experiences appear to increase risks of AUT and relate to underlying biological risk factors.

Crafa, Daina
Warfa, Nasir
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

Exclusionary practices in dominant market-based systems are recognized as contributing to global health inequities. Undocumented immigrants are particularly vulnerable to unequal access to healthcare. Humanitarian NGOs strive to respond meaningfully to these health inequities among migrants and undocumented immigrants. Few studies describe the work of humanitarian NGOs that advocate for the right to health of undocumented immigrants in high-income countries.

Tiedje, Kristina
Plevak, David J.
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Hispanic Health Care International: The Official Journal of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses

Latina teen birth rates, particularly those of immigrant Latinas, surpass those of any major racial/ ethnic group. Little is known about how immigration experiences influence early childbearing. Fourteen pregnant Latina immigrant teens were interviewed regarding their feelings about pregnancy and birth control, educational and vocational expectations, and their partners' influences.

Biggs, M. Antonia
Combellick, Sarah
Arons, Abigail
Brindis, Claire D.
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Women and Birth: Journal of the Australian College of Midwives

BACKGROUND: Women born outside Australia make up more than a fifth of the Queensland birthing population and like migrants in other parts of the world face the challenges of cultural dislocation and possible language barriers. Recognising that labour and birth are major life events the aim was to investigate the experiences of these women in comparison to native-born English speaking women. METHODS: Secondary analysis of data from a population based survey of women who had recently birthed in Queensland.

Hennegan, Julie
Redshaw, Maggie
Miller, Yvette
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Transfusion Clinique Et Biologique: Journal De La Societe Francaise De Transfusion Sanguine

In order to answer to its aim of standardised self-sufficiency, the …tablissement franÁais du sang (main French national platform for blood donation) needs to know well the donors, what moves them, what motivates them, and the meaning that they give to their action. This knowledge allows the EFS to better understand the different sensitivities among donors, and therefore to improve the strategy regarding loyalty or/and newcomers. In this paper we follow, without attempting to be fully exhaustive, the evolution of the research regarding blood donation.

Loquier, B.
Zegierman, A.
Pelletier, B.
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Nursing Ethics

The purpose of this study was to measure professional and personal values among nurses, and to identify the factors affecting these values. The participants were 323 Israeli nurses, who were asked about 36 personal values and 20 professional values. The three fundamental professional nursing values of human dignity, equality among patients, and prevention of suffering, were rated first. The top 10 rated values all concerned nurses' responsibility towards patients.

Rassin, Michal


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