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Sao Paulo Medical Journal = Revista Paulista De Medicina

CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE:: Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) include autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder and pervasive developmental disorder. The manifestations of ASDs can have an important impact on learning and social functioning that may persist during adulthood. The aim here was to summarize the evidence from Cochrane systematic reviews on interventions for ASDs. DESIGN AND SETTING:: Review of systematic reviews, conducted within the Discipline of Evidence-Based Medicine, Escola Paulista de Medicina, Universidade Federal de São Paulo.

Lyra, Larissa
Rizzo, Luiz Eduardo
Sunahara, Camila Sá
Pachito, Daniela Vianna
Latorraca, Carolina de Oliveira Cruz
Martimbianco, Ana Luiza Cabrera
Riera, Rachel
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Complementary Therapies in Medicine

OVERVIEW: Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is becoming increasingly accepted in modern western society, including amongst amateur and professional athletes, however, it has not yet been determined how CAM is reflected in scientific publications in sports and exercise medicine (SEM). AIM: The aim of this study was to identify trends in the levels of evidence for manipulative and body-based therapies within the SEM literature.

M?cznik, Aleksandra K.
Schneiders, Anthony G.
Sullivan, S. John
Athens, Josie
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Acta Medica Academica

OBJECTIVE: To analyze organization and therapeutic procedures administered in tertiary outpatient pain clinics in Croatia. METHODS: Data about organization of pain clinics, its personnel, equipment, continuing medical education, therapeutic procedures, research activities and relations with pharmaceutical industry were collected using questionnaires. RESULTS: Twenty-two Croatian pain clinics were included in the study. Most of the pain clinics employ exclusively anesthesiologists and nurses.

Fidahi?, Mahir
Dogan, Katarina
Sapunar, Damir
Puljak, Livia
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Journal of Health Services Research & Policy

OBJECTIVES: The principles of evidence-based practice (EBP) are fundamental to medical ethics and seem essential for any form of health care. In 2000, a House of Lords Select Committee recommended that the ethos of EBP should extend to complementary and alternative medicine. The aim of this investigation was to determine whether EBP is incorporated in the codes of ethics of British complementary and alternative medicine organizations.

Hunt, Katherine
Ernst, Edzard
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Military Medicine

The Epidaurus Project, an advanced initiative in holistic (or whole-person) medicine, has operated in the Military Health System (MHS) since 2001. Its purpose has been to engage prominent civilian authorities on evidence-based building design, family-centered approaches, interdisciplinary care integration, and wellness, to optimize outcomes in the MHS. Over the past decade, many of the Epidaurus idea sets have been incorporated into MHS facility designs and therapeutic programs. The MHS owes a debt of gratitude to the numerous civilian thought leaders who participated in this project.

Foote, Frederick
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Global Health Promotion

The right to health care is significant for asylum seekers, particularly as many of them have experienced traumatic life events in their home country, during flight or in their host country. Post-migration living conditions have more impact than pre-migration conditions on ill health among asylum seekers, which underscores the importance of health care-related refugee reception policies.

Ekblad, Solvig
Linander, Andrea
Asplund, Maria
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BMC psychiatry

BACKGROUND: Group psychoeducation is a cost effective intervention which reduces relapse and improves functioning in bipolar disorder but is rarely implemented. The aim of this study was to identify the acceptability and feasibility of a group psychoeducation programme delivered by community mental health teams (CMHTs) and peer specialist (PS) facilitators. Organisational learning was used to identify and address systematically barriers and enablers, at organisational, health professional and patient levels, to its implementation into a routine service.

Coulthard, Katharine
Patel, Dipty
Brizzolara, Clare
Morriss, Richard
Watson, Stuart
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The American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Care

PURPOSE: To assess the use of complementary and alternative medicine in hospice care in the state of Washington. METHODS: Hospices offering inpatient and outpatient care in Washington State were surveyed by phone interview. RESULTS: Response rate was 100%.

Kozak, Leila E.
Kayes, Lucy
McCarty, Rachelle
Walkinshaw, Catharine
Congdon, Sean
Kleinberger, Janis
Hartman, Valerie
Standish, Leanna J.
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Psychotherapy (Chicago, Ill.)

Over 2,200 North American psychotherapists completed a Web-based survey concerning their clinical work, including theoretical orientation, client characteristics, and use of specific psychotherapy techniques. Psychotherapeutic integration was common, with the majority of respondents identifying with more than one theoretical orientation or as having an eclectic orientation. The modal patient was a White female adult suffering from a mood or anxiety disorder and interpersonal problems. Individual psychotherapy was the preferred treatment modality.

Cook, Joan M.
Biyanova, Tatuana
Elhai, Jon
Schnurr, Paula P.
Coyne, James C.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services

Although hypnosis was accepted in 1958 by the American Medical Association as an adjunct treatment, it remains an underused modality for alleviation of clients' suffering. This hesitancy to apply established practices that show efficacy in patient care may be due to a general lack of cognizance about the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis or a reluctance to learn skills based on preconceptions about hypnosis itself.

Mottern, Ron


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