Exercise Movement Techniques

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Aging & Mental Health

Firstly, to explore whether depressive symptoms and fear of falling have been used as outcome measures in fall prevention trials. Secondly, to determine the effects of fall prevention trials on these variables among the aged. A literature search covering various medical databases was conducted to identify randomised controlled trials regarding the effects of fall prevention programmes on depressive symptoms and fear of falling among the aged.

Sjösten, N.
Vaapio, S.
Kivelä, S.-L.
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Perspectives in Psychiatric Care
La Torre, Mary Anne
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Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

Methods of exercise such as Pilates and taiji quan, which have been shown to have beneficial effects on physical and mental characteristics, have been studied more often in samples of older participants. The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effects of a semester of either Pilates or taiji quan training on perceived self-efficacy, sleep quality and mood, as well as strength and balance in college-age individuals. Self-efficacy was found to be improved in the Pilates and taiji quan groups and there was a trend towards improvement in sleep quality.

Caldwell, Karen
Harrison, Mandy
Adams, Marianne
Triplett, N. Travis
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Current Pain and Headache Reports

Chronic pain is one of the most common complaints seen in general practitioners' offices, and it contributes to social, emotional, physical, and economical losses. The management of this problem poses challenges for health care providers when the current treatment of choice for chronic pain is pharmacological management, which may not be a sufficient and/or holistic approach to the management of chronic pain.

Sullivan, Amy Burleson
Scheman, Judith
Venesy, Deborah
Davin, Sara
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International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

OBJECTIVES: This report released findings of a randomized controlled trial conducted in Hong Kong to further our understanding of the psychosocial effects of qigong on elderly persons with depression. DESIGN: Eighty-two participants with a diagnosis of depression or obvious features of depression were recruited and randomly assigned into the intervention and comparison group. The intervention group was given a 16-week period of Qigong practice while the comparison group participated in a newspaper reading group with same duration and frequency.

Tsang, Hector W. H.
Fung, Kelvin M. T.
Chan, Ashley S. M.
Lee, Grace
Chan, Fong
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Medicinski Pregled

INTRODUCTION: Psychomotor re-education represents a multidimensional therapeutic approach in dealing with children and adults with psychomotor disorders. Therapeutic programs should be based on individual differences, abilities and capabilities, relationships, feelings and individual developmental needs as well as emotional condition of a child.

Golubović, Spela
Tubić, Tatjana
Marković, Slavica
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The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews

BACKGROUND: Non-invasive physical treatments are often used to treat common types of chronic/recurrent headache. OBJECTIVES: To quantify and compare the magnitude of short- and long-term effects of non-invasive physical treatments for chronic/recurrent headaches. SEARCH STRATEGY: We searched the following databases from their inception to November 2002: MEDLINE, EMBASE, BIOSIS, CINAHL, Science Citation Index, Dissertation Abstracts, CENTRAL, and the Specialised Register of the Cochrane Pain, Palliative Care and Supportive Care review group.

Bronfort, G.
Nilsson, N.
Haas, M.
Evans, R.
Goldsmith, C. H.
Assendelft, W. J. J.
Bouter, L. M.
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Revista De Neurologia

AIM. To analyse the effectiveness of therapeutic exercise on migraines and tension-type headaches (TTH). MATERIALS AND METHODS. Electronic databases were used to search the literature for relevant articles. Eligibility criteria were: controlled randomised clinical trials (RCT), conducted on patients with migraine or TTH, in which the therapeutic intervention was based on therapeutic exercise, and the papers had been published in English and Spanish. Two independent reviewers performed the analysis of the methodological quality using the Delphi scale. RESULTS.

Gil-Martínez, Alfonso
Kindelan-Calvo, Paula
Agudo-Carmona, Diego
Muñoz-Plata, Rosa
López-de-Uralde-Villanueva, Ibai
La Touche, Roy


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