Expert Testimony

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Journal of Clinical Forensic Medicine

Expert opinion in child abuse has received considerable bad press and currently public confidence in this area of medical practice is low. Media interest has focused most on the diagnosis of factitious illness. However doctors who examine children in respect of proceedings arising from suspected sexual abuse should be mindful this area is potentially just as problematic. Widely different rates of abnormal findings have been reported. At least in part this has reflected inconsistency in interpretation.

Pillai, Mary
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

Prompted by the open letter by 13 prominent British scientists to National Health Science (NHS) trusts questioning the use of homeopathy, Vinjar Fønnebø, M.D., Ph.D., and Michael Baum, M.B., Ch.M., F.R.C.S., M.D.(Hon) entered into an e-mail exchange about the issues of research and documentation of practices in "complementary," "alternative," and "integrated" medicine. The paper presents the whole exchange unedited.

Fønnebø, Vinjar
Baum, Michael
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Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine

Literature review shows that Chinese medicine and other related treatment are still the main stream treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Currently, there is short of handbook guiding Chinese medicine from evidence-based medical evidence, so it is a top priority to develop a clinical guideline from the expert consensus. After several rounds of discussion during the conference and examination by letter, which has collected opinions from nearly one hundred experts, consensus was reached.

Chen, Wei-Heng
Liu, Xian-Xiang
Tong, Pei-jian
Zhan, Hong-sheng
Orthopaedic Professional Committee, Chinese Association of Research and Advancement of Chinese Traditional Medicine, China
Joint Professional Committee, Branch of Orthopaedic of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, China
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The Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law

Many young Americans, married and marriageable, are turning to more traditional or fundamentalist religions. Religiosity and ultra-strict morality often leads to attitudes that alter decision-making in marriage, divorce, and the disposition of the children of divorce. Judgmental pastoral counseling may affect these decisions even more. This paper discusses these issues, emphasizing the need for forensic psychiatrists involved in the custody arena to be aware of the religious, spiritual, irreligious, or even anti-religious feelings of the battling partners.

Goldzband, M. G.
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Salud Publica De Mexico

OBJECTIVE: In the last decade, important advances were made in the struggle for reproductive rights in Mexico. The goal of this study was to discover the opinions of decision-makers about the grounds for legal abortion as well as to explore their perceptions about further liberalization of abortion laws countrywide. MATERIAL AND METHODS: In-depth interviews were conducted with eight prominent decision-makers working in governmental health, law and social institutions as well as representatives of political parties.

van Dijk, Marieke G.
Lara, Diana
GarcÌa, Sandra G.
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The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry

Fourteen patients with pathologies of love (erotomania) are presented; all stalked the object of their disordered affections. These cases were encountered in forensic practice and were personally assessed, and in most cases managed, by the authors. Victim impact reports or depositions made by the objects of these patients' unwanted attentions were available. All patients indulged in stalking behaviours which included following, loitering in the victim's vicinity, approaching, telephoning, and sending letters.

Mullen, P. E.
PathÈ, M.
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Texas Medicine

This article describes the activities of physicians who offer their services for hire as witnesses and consultants to attorneys in malpractice litigation. Cases illustrating the extent of the problem are discussed along with legal and ethical restrictions on witnesses and contingent-fee payment of medicolegal consultants.

Hirsh, B. D.
Dunn, J.
Wilcox, D. P.
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INTRODUCTION: During the night of the 11 to 12 of December 2002, Mathieu X. 21 years old, convinced he was defending himself from evil human beings decapitated a nurse and an auxiliary nurse of the psychiatrist hospital. This crime, which received saturated media coverage, obviously raises questions about the dangerous and violent nature of the mentally ill, which can sometimes culminate in homicide. Firmly rooted in the collective consciousness is the popular idea that someone who kills an unknown person in the street is mentally ill.

Richard-Devantoy, S.
Chocard, A.-S.
Bouyer-Richard, A.-I.
Duflot, J.-P.
Lhuillier, J.-P.
Gohier, B.
GarrÈ, J.-B.
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Medical Anthropology Quarterly

When medical practitioners act as expert witnesses for the plaintiff in contested illness lawsuits, they can be stigmatized by their professional community. Drawing on ethnographic research surrounding the condition multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) in Australia, this article focuses on: how plaintiff experts specialize; their rationale for deviance from the professional norm; and structural constraints to medical advocacy.

Phillips, Tarryn
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

In Rock v. Arkansas (1987) the United States Supreme Court ruled in a 5 to 4 decision that the constitutional rights of defendants to testify on their own behalf take precedence over whatever state rules exist regarding exclusion of hypnotically refreshed testimony.

Orne, M. T.
Dinges, D. F.
Orne, E. C.


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