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AIDS education and prevention: official publication of the International Society for AIDS Education

Although the efficacy of small-group, risk reduction interventions based on cognitive behavioral principles has been widely documented in HIV behavioral research literature, little is known about how AIDS service organizations (ASOs) view these research-based models. From a nationwide sample of 77 ASOs, this study assessed factors influencing attitudes of prevention program directors and frontline staff toward research-based interventions.

DiFranceisco, W.
Kelly, J. A.
Otto-Salaj, L.
McAuliffe, T. L.
Somlai, A. M.
Hackl, K.
Heckman, T. G.
Holtgrave, D. R.
Rompa, D. J.
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Health Education Quarterly

Since the release of the Surgeon General's report, Healthy People, the general public has been barraged with health information and advice by the popular media. Accordingly, this article introduces a method for examining the public's beliefs about the importance of behavioral risk factors associated with health and longevity. The factorial survey approach--a technique appropriate for studying normative beliefs--seems uniquely suited to measuring the degree of public consensus regarding complex social phenomena.

Love, M. B.
Thurman, Q.
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Nihon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Geriatrics

To explore factors associated with longevity, we studied geographic distribution of centenarians in Japan, based on 1990 the population census. We calculated the proportion of centenarians from ratio of number of centenarian to that of population aged 65 years or older. Centenarians in Japan consisted of number 4,152 persons. By prefecture, Tokyo had the most centenarians (383), followed by Okinawa (193) and Fukuoka (151) prefectures. Fukui had the least (24), followed by Akita (26) and Ishikawa (29) prefectures.

Okamoto, K.
Sasaki, R.
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BACKGROUND: The impact of overall dietary patterns that reflect actual eating behaviors on mortality caused by cardiovascular or other chronic diseases is largely unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS: We prospectively evaluated the relation between dietary patterns and risk of cardiovascular, cancer, and all-cause mortality among 72,113 women who were free of myocardial infarction, angina, coronary artery surgery, stroke, diabetes mellitus, or cancer and were followed up from 1984 to 2002.

Heidemann, Christin
Schulze, Matthias B.
Franco, Oscar H.
van Dam, Rob M.
Mantzoros, Christos S.
Hu, Frank B.
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Journal of Clinical Psychology

A questionnaire that pertains to sexual attitudes and behaviors, family relationships, and marihuana usage was administered to 358 undergraduates at Wichita State University. A factor analysis performed upon the results yielded 12 factors related to sexual behavior: (1) Liberal vs. Conservative Attitudes; (2) Age-Experience; (3) Symbolic Sexual Preoccupation; (4) Romantic Love vs. Cynicism; (5) Experience-linked Drug Effects; (6) Affectual Dependence; (7) Mature Satisfaction; (8) Conservative vs. Liberal Sexual Practices; (9) High vs.

Burdsal, C.
Greenberg, G.
Bell, M.
Reynolds, S.
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Acta Psychiatrica Belgica

We shall limit ourselves to the main topics, leaving the appreciation of the questionnaire to the reader. To evaluate knowledge and opinions on sexuality in young french speaking belgian people, we have questioned : 1210 students at the University of Louvain, 773 in A1 official teaching, 819 in superior free non university teaching and 778 young people being recruted by the belgian army. The following conclusions are global. The mean vocabulary score (rated on 18) in these four samples is 13.22, 14.06, 13.57 and 6.40.

Rucquoy, G.
Descy, J.
Bouckaert, A.
Appelmans, C.
Wauty-Dancot, M. C.
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International Journal of Aging & Human Development

Two separate issues concerning the relation between age and love are addressed in this article. The first issue is concerned with the age generalizability of the factor structure produced by responses to the Love Attitudes Scale. The data presented indicate that the factor structure of responses to the Love Attitudes Scale is highly similar in college-aged and middle-aged participants. The second issue concerns the relation between age and actual scores on the sub-scales of the Love Attitude Scales.

Butler, R.
Walker, W. R.
Skowronski, J. J.
Shannon, L.
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Psychological Reports

Factor analysis of FIRO-B data obtained from new software product teams had led to a reformulation of Schutz's ideas on team compatibility. The concept of Group-Warmth as a derivative of the FIRO-B Inclusion and Affection scales was developed and shown to be related to the commercial effectiveness of teams. In a like manner, the FIRO-B constructs of Control-Expressed and Control-Wanted were explored through concurrent factor analysis of 16 PF data. A new interpretation has been given to both FIRO-B Control scales, namely, Assertive-Impulsive.

Fisher, S. G.
Macrosson, W. D.
Walker, C. A.
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Nursing Research

The purpose of this study was to develop and validate the dimensions of caregiver reciprocity. Social exchange and equity theory served as a conceptual framework for examining recprocal intergenerational exchanges of assistance and support. In the first phase of the study, 12 caregivers of elderly parents, including in-laws, were interviewed to provide narrative data from which items were developed. Content validity was judged by two separate panels of experts.

Carruth, A. K.
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Journal of Marital and Family Therapy

This paper reports on the development, validity, and reliability of a self-report instrument designed to assess a respondent's perspective of pain resulting from relational violations and work toward relational forgiveness based on a framework proposed by Hargrave (1994a). Presented here is the five-stage procedure used in the development of the Interpersonal Relationship Resolution Scale. Construct validity and reliability were determined from an initial sample of 164 subjects.

Hargrave, T. D.
Sells, J. N.


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