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Journal of Attention Disorders

OBJECTIVE: Individuals with ADHD face significant neurodevelopmental hurdles with inattention and/or hyperactive/impulsive behavior through their life span. Mindfulness training may be one self-regulatory method for strengthening attentional processes (orienting, alerting, and executive attention). This review's goals are to (a) argue for the use of mindfulness training as an adjunct to evidence-based treatment for ADHD and (b) call for improving psychosocial intervention for ADHD within families by integrating mindfulness training with behavioral parent training.

Cassone, Andrew R.
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Mechanisms of Ageing and Development

While there is evidence that longevity runs in families, the study of long-lived families is complicated by the fact that longevity-related information is available only for the oldest old, many of whom may be deceased and unavailable for testing, and information on other living family members, primarily descendents, is censored. This situation requires a creative approach for analyzing determinants of longevity in families.

Yashin, Anatoli I.
Arbeev, Konstantin G.
Kulminski, Alexander
Borecki, Ingrid
Christensen, Kaare
Barmada, Michael
Hadley, Evan
Rossi, Winifred
Lee, Joseph H.
Cheng, Rong
Elo, Irma T.
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Family Process

In this article, the concept introduced by Lyman Wynne, that the individual develops epigenetically within the family system, is discussed and validated with data from a study of the characteristics and relationships of 27 women with borderline personality disorder and their parents. Each stage of the epigenetic process is impaired in one way or another, adversely affecting subsequent stages.

Guttman, Herta A.
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International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health

Cannabis consumption is on the rise in the French-speaking Community of Belgium, especially among teenagers. The physical and mental harms related to that drug prompted us to search for factors associated with cannabis consumption. The aim of this paper is thus to identify a series of potential predictors of teenager's cannabis use and particularly the influence of peer and family integration. The data analyzed were taken from the 1998 data bank "Health Behavior in School-Aged Children", an international quantitative cross-national study, which takes place every four years.

Kohn, Laurence
Kittel, France
Piette, Danielle
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Journal of Advanced Nursing

AIM: The aim of this paper is to propose a guideline for spiritual assessment and interventions explicitly for families, while considering each family member's unique spirituality. BACKGROUND: Spirituality's positive effect is pervasive in health care and in the lives of many families; therefore, there is a need to integrate spiritual assessment and interventions in total family care. DISCUSSION: The majority of published guidelines on spiritual assessment and interventions are designed predominantly for individuals.

Tanyi, Ruth A.
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The British Journal of Educational Psychology

BACKGROUND: Connectedness to school is a significant predictor of adolescent health and academic outcomes. While individual predictors of connectedness have been well-described, little is known about school-level factors which may influence connectedness. A school's ecology, or its structural, functional, and built aspects, coupled with interpersonal interactions, may also help to enhance adolescent connectedness. AIM: This study aims to identify school ecological characteristics which predict enhanced connectedness in secondary school.

Waters, Stacey
Cross, Donna
Shaw, Therese
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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

The current study uses the actor-partner interdependence model to examine the predictors of relationship satisfaction for mothers and fathers of children with autism spectrum disorder. Sixty-seven couples completed measures of optimism, benefit finding, coping strategies, social support, and relationship satisfaction. Results indicated that parent's positive strengths predicted better personal relationship satisfaction.

Ekas, Naomi V.
Timmons, Lisa
Pruitt, Megan
Ghilain, Christine
Alessandri, Michael
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Philosophy & Public Affairs

...A commercial surrogate mother is anyone who is paid money to bear a child for other people and terminate her parental rights, so that the others may raise the child as exclusively their own. The growth of commercial surrogacy has raised with new urgency a class of concerns regarding the proper scope of the market. Some critics have objected to commercial surrogacy on the ground that it improperly treats children and women's reproductive capacities as commodities. The prospect of reducing children to consumer durables and women to baby factories surely inspires revulsion.

Anderson, Elizabeth S.
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The British Journal of Social Psychology

Intimacy in young heterosexual adults was studied as a function of their familial roles. The 168 males and females employed represented four familial role groups: late adolescents, single adults, married people and parents. Participants were administered two forms of an Intimacy Scale (Sharabany, 1994) in which they described their desired and their obtained intimacy with a same-sex and an opposite-sex best friend. Results indicated that (a) intimacy of adults with opposite-sex partner was higher than intimacy with same-sex friend.

Eshel, Y.
Sharabany, R.
Friedman, U.
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Perceptual and Motor Skills

Three questionnaire studies involving 101, 270, and 144 college students examined the relationship between affectionate behaviors and aggressive behaviors in the family environment as rated by the college students. Measures of affection and aggression were significantly negatively associated in nearly all analyses. Participants' ratings of parental alcohol abuse were positively associated with measures of parental aggression and negatively correlated with measures of parental affection.

Shuntich, R. J.
Loh, D.
Katz, D.


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