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The Anatomical Record

Acupuncture meridians traditionally are believed to constitute channels connecting the surface of the body to internal organs. We hypothesize that the network of acupuncture points and meridians can be viewed as a representation of the network formed by interstitial connective tissue. This hypothesis is supported by ultrasound images showing connective tissue cleavage planes at acupuncture points in normal human subjects. To test this hypothesis, we mapped acupuncture points in serial gross anatomical sections through the human arm.

Langevin, Helene M.
Yandow, Jason A.
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Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

Despite positive clinical outcomes documented post-treatment with a variety of manual medicine treatments (MMT), the underlying cellular mechanisms responsible remain elusive. We have developed an in vitro human fibroblast cell system used to model various biomechanical strains that human fibroblasts might undergo in response to repetitive motion strain (RMS) and MMT. Our data utilizing this system suggest that RMS induces disruption of cell-cell and cell-matrix contacts, which appear are reversed when a modeled MMT is also added to the treatment protocol.

Standley, Paul R.
Meltzer, Kate
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BMC musculoskeletal disorders

BACKGROUND: The role played by the thoracolumbar fascia in chronic low back pain (LBP) is poorly understood. The thoracolumbar fascia is composed of dense connective tissue layers separated by layers of loose connective tissue that normally allow the dense layers to glide past one another during trunk motion. The goal of this study was to quantify shear plane motion within the thoracolumbar fascia using ultrasound elasticity imaging in human subjects with and without chronic low back pain (LBP).

Langevin, Helene M.
Fox, James R.
Koptiuch, Cathryn
Badger, Gary J.
Greenan-Naumann, Ann C.
Bouffard, Nicole A.
Konofagou, Elisa E.
Lee, Wei-Ning
Triano, John J.
Henry, Sharon M.
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PloS One

BACKGROUND: Although fascial bands within the subcutaneous (SQ) layer are commonly seen in ultrasound images, little is known about their functional role, much less their structural characteristics. This study's objective is to describe the morphological features of SQ fascial bands and to systematically evaluate the bands using image analyses tools and morphometric measures. METHODS: In 28 healthy volunteers, ultrasound images were obtained at three body locations: the lateral aspect of the upper arm, medial aspect of the thigh and posterior aspect of lower leg.

Li, Weihui
Ahn, Andrew C.
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In advanced peripheral lymphedema particularly involving the legs, complex physical therapy (massage/bandage-wrapping compression, remedial exercises, and maintenance use of a low stretch elastic compression garment), is not uniformly successful. In six patients with morbid lymphedema of the legs, we described our positive experience using a modified Auchincloss/Homans excisional operation.

Kim, D. I.
Huh, S.
Lee, S. J.
Hwang, J. H.
Kim, Y. I.
Lee, B. B.
Publication Title: 
American Journal of Ophthalmology

PURPOSE: To report a case of retinal and choroidal vascular occlusion occurring as a complication after posterior sub-Tenon triamcinolone injection for treatment of uveitic cystoid macular edema. DESIGN: Interventional case report. METHODS: Retrospective study. A 32-year-old woman with uveitis and cystoid macular edema underwent a right posterior sub-Tenon injection of triamcinolone (40 mg/ml, 1 ml total) through a superotemporal approach after topical anesthesia.

Moshfeghi, Darius M.
Lowder, Careen Y.
Roth, Daniel B.
Kaiser, Peter K.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

Based on a tensegrity principle, direct or indirect connections between fascia or muscles which stretch the aponeurosis or intermuscular septum may allow the transfer of tension over long distances, without loss of muscle force produced during rest and activity. The present study aimed to test an effect of massage on electrical (EMG) and mechanical (MMG) activities of a muscle lying distant, but indirectly connected to, the massaged muscle. Thirty-three healthy men participated in the study.

Kassolik, Krzysztof
Jaskólska, Anna
Kisiel-Sajewicz, Katarzyna
Marusiak, Jarosław
Kawczyński, Adam
Jaskólski, Artur
Publication Title: 
Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies

OBJECTIVE: This study seeks to find out the impact of massage techniques, including myofascial and muscle energy techniques, on the symptoms of pain, muscular hypertonicity, and structural misalignment associated with isthmic lumbar spondylolisthesis. METHODS: A 30-year-old female was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis at age 12, has chronic mild to moderate back pain during prolonged walking/standing, hyperlordosis and anterior rotation of the pelvis.

Halpin, Shannon
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The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

CONTEXT: More research is needed to understand the flow characteristics of hyaluronic acid (HA) during motions used in osteopathic manipulative treatment and other manual therapies. OBJECTIVE: To apply a 3-dimensional mathematical model to explore the relationship between the 3 manual therapy motions (constant sliding, perpendicular vibration, and tangential oscillation) and the flow characteristics of HA below the fascial layer. METHODS: The Squeeze Film Lubrication theory of fluid mechanics for flow between 2 plates was used, as well as the Navier-Stokes equations.

Roman, Max
Chaudhry, Hans
Bukiet, Bruce
Stecco, Antonio
Findley, Thomas W.
Publication Title: 
Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

OBJECTIVE: To examine the biomedical literature pertaining to the anatomy and biomechanics of the sacroiliac (SI) joint to update current concepts and treatment of SI joint dysfunctions. DATA COLLECTION: The biomedical literature was reviewed for articles containing information on the anatomy, mechanics, dysfunction and treatment of the SI articulation. Emphasis was placed on information published in the past decade. Textbooks and prior reviews were used to compare past and present information.

Harrison, D. E.
Harrison, D. D.
Troyanovich, S. J.


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