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Scandinavian Journal of Social Medicine

For a variety of health, economic and social reasons, many countries are increasingly concerned about diet-related health problems impairing the quality and length of life. This article presents an analysis of the implementation of food and nutrition policies in Finland and Norway which are intended to address both the supply and demand aspects of food and dietary issues. The purpose was to identify policy problems and illustrate ways they have been addressed in order to be useful to other countries involved in developing such policies.

Milio, N.
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World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics
Goldbourt, U.
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The Journal of Nutrition

Diets rich in fruits and vegetables have been of interest because of their potential health benefits against chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer. The aim of this work was to assess the association of the dietary intake of a food group that includes fruits, berries and vegetables with all-cause, CVD-related and non-CVD-related mortality. The subjects were Finnish men aged 42-60 y examined in 1984-1989 in the prospective Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor (KIHD) Study.

Rissanen, Tiina H.
Voutilainen, Sari
Virtanen, Jyrki K.
Venho, Birgitta
Vanharanta, Meri
Mursu, Jaakko
Salonen, Jukka T.
Publication Title: 
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Gold, Diane R.
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Schizophrenia Bulletin

Low birth weight (LBW) and hypoxia are among the environmental factors most reliably associated with schizophrenia; however, the nature of this relationship is unclear and both gene-environment interaction and gene-environment covariation models have been proposed as explanations. High-risk (HR) designs that explore whether obstetric complications differentially predict outcomes in offspring at low risk (LR) vs HR for schizophrenia, while accounting for differences in rates of maternal risk factors, may shed light on this question.

Forsyth, Jennifer K.
Ellman, Lauren M.
Tanskanen, Antti
Mustonen, Ulla
Huttunen, Matti O.
Suvisaari, Jaana
Cannon, Tyrone D.
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Translational Psychiatry

Early-life stress (ELS) is known to be associated with an increased risk of neuropsychiatric and cardiometabolic disease in later life. One of the potential mechanisms underpinning this is through effects on the epigenome, particularly changes in DNA methylation. Using a well-phenotyped cohort of 83 men from the Helsinki Birth Cohort Study, who experienced ELS in the form of separation from their parents during childhood, and a group of 83 matched controls, we performed a genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation in peripheral blood.

Khulan, B.
Manning, J. R.
Dunbar, D. R.
Seckl, J. R.
Raikkonen, K.
Eriksson, J. G.
Drake, A. J.
Publication Title: 
The American Journal of Psychiatry

OBJECTIVE: The genetic component of alcohol use disorder is substantial, but monozygotic twin discordance indicates a role for nonheritable differences that could be mediated by epigenetics. Despite growing evidence associating epigenetics and psychiatric disorders, it is unclear how epigenetics, particularly DNA methylation, relate to brain function and behavior, including drinking behavior. METHOD: The authors carried out a genome-wide analysis of DNA methylation of 18 monozygotic twin pairs discordant for alcohol use disorder and validated differentially methylated regions.

Ruggeri, Barbara
Nymberg, Charlotte
Vuoksimaa, Eero
Lourdusamy, Anbarasu
Wong, Cybele P.
Carvalho, Fabiana M.
Jia, Tianye
Cattrell, Anna
Macare, Christine
Banaschewski, Tobias
Barker, Gareth J.
Bokde, Arun L. W.
Bromberg, Uli
B¸chel, Christian
Conrod, Patricia J.
Fauth-B¸hler, Mira
Flor, Herta
Frouin, Vincent
Gallinat, J¸rgen
Garavan, Hugh
Gowland, Penny
Heinz, Andreas
Ittermann, Bernd
Martinot, Jean-Luc
Nees, Frauke
Pausova, Zdenka
Paus, Tom·ö
Rietschel, Marcella
Robbins, Trevor
Smolka, Michael N.
Spanagel, Rainer
Bakalkin, Georgy
Mill, Jonathan
Sommer, Wolfgang H.
Rose, Richard J.
Yan, Jia
Aliev, Fazil
Dick, Danielle
Kaprio, Jaakko
DesriviËres, Sylvane
Schumann, Gunter
IMAGEN Consortium
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Nature Neuroscience

By analyzing the whole-exome sequences of 4,264 schizophrenia cases, 9,343 controls and 1,077 trios, we identified a genome-wide significant association between rare loss-of-function (LoF) variants in SETD1A and risk for schizophrenia (P = 3.3 ◊ 10(-9)). We found only two heterozygous LoF variants in 45,376 exomes from individuals without a neuropsychiatric diagnosis, indicating that SETD1A is substantially depleted of LoF variants in the general population. Seven of the ten individuals with schizophrenia carrying SETD1A LoF variants also had learning difficulties.

Singh, Tarjinder
Kurki, Mitja I.
Curtis, David
Purcell, Shaun M.
Crooks, Lucy
McRae, Jeremy
Suvisaari, Jaana
Chheda, Himanshu
Blackwood, Douglas
Breen, Gerome
Pietil‰inen, Olli
Gerety, Sebastian S.
Ayub, Muhammad
Blyth, Moira
Cole, Trevor
Collier, David
Coomber, Eve L.
Craddock, Nick
Daly, Mark J.
Danesh, John
DiForti, Marta
Foster, Alison
Freimer, Nelson B.
Geschwind, Daniel
Johnstone, Mandy
Joss, Shelagh
Kirov, Georg
Kˆrkkˆ, Jarmo
Kuismin, Outi
Holmans, Peter
Hultman, Christina M.
Iyegbe, Conrad
Lˆnnqvist, Jouko
M‰nnikkˆ, Minna
McCarroll, Steve A.
McGuffin, Peter
McIntosh, Andrew M.
McQuillin, Andrew
Moilanen, Jukka S.
Moore, Carmel
Murray, Robin M.
Newbury-Ecob, Ruth
Ouwehand, Willem
Paunio, Tiina
Prigmore, Elena
Rees, Elliott
Roberts, David
Sambrook, Jennifer
Sklar, Pamela
St Clair, David
Veijola, Juha
Walters, James T. R.
Williams, Hywel
Swedish Schizophrenia Study
DDD Study
UK10 K Consortium
Sullivan, Patrick F.
Hurles, Matthew E.
O'Donovan, Michael C.
Palotie, Aarno
Owen, Michael J.
Barrett, Jeffrey C.
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Nursing Administration Quarterly

A theory of ontological nature in caring administration has been developed from a Caring science perspective. Caritative leadership is named according to the motive, human love, and mercy, and its main idea is ministering to the patients. It consists of 5 theses in relation to the view of the human being: the caritas motive, dignity, measurement and meaning in health care, and the relationships in the caring culture. Without a clear vision of what care of the patients could be, there is the risk that ministering to the patient is lost in the demands of different stakeholders.

Bondas, Terese E.
Publication Title: 
International Journal of Nursing Studies

This study focuses on sources of satisfaction among family carers for older relatives and related factors in Finland. It is part of a major international project concerned with the coping of family carers in four countries. The results reported here are based on questionnaire data collected among 290 family carers from three Finnish towns. The questionnaire included the Carer's Assessment of Satisfaction Index (CASI) developed by Nolan and Grant (1992). The data were processed using SPSS statistical software.

Kuuppelom‰ki, Merja
Sasaki, Akiko
Yamada, Kouko
Asakawa, Noriko
Shimanouchi, Setsu


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