Fracture Healing

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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

CONTEXT: Hypnosis has been used in numerous medical applications for functional and psychological improvement, but has been inadequately tested for anatomical healing. OBJECTIVE: To determine whether a hypnotic intervention accelerates bodily tissue healing using bone fracture healing as a site-specific test. DESIGN: Randomized controlled pilot study. SETTING: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Mass, and McLean Hospital, Belmont, Mass.

Ginandes, C. S.
Rosenthal, D. I.
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European Cells & Materials

Long bone and in particular tibia fractures frequently fail to heal. A disturbed revascularisation is supposed to be a major cause for impaired bone healing or the development of non-unions. We aim to establish an animal model, which reliably mimics the clinical situation. Human microvascular endothelial cells (HMEC-1) and primary human osteoblast like cells (POBs) were cultured with different angiogenesis-inhibitors (Fumagillin, SU5416, Artesunate and 3,5,4'-Trimethoxystilbene) released out of poly(D,L-Lactide) (PDLLA) coated k-wires and cell activity was determined.

Fassbender, M.
Strobel, C.
Rauhe, J. S.
Bergmann, C.
Schmidmaier, G.
Wildemann, B.
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

OBJECTIVES: The objective was to study the effect of the add-on yogic prana energization technique (YPET) on healing of fresh fractures. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty (30) patients (22 men and 8 women) between 18 and 55 years with simple extra-articular fractures of long and short bones were selected from the outpatient department of Ebnezar Orthopaedic Centre and Parimala Speciality Hospital, Bengaluru. They were randomized into yoga (n = 15) and control (n = 15) groups. Compound, complicated, pathologic fractures, old fractures, and those associated with dislocations were excluded.

Oswal, Pragati
Nagarathna, Raghuram
Ebnezar, John
Nagendra, Hongasandra Ramarao
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Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

OBJECTIVE: To present an uncommon case of an isolated lamina fracture in the cervical spine found by taking stress films when a routine cervical series failed to demonstrate it. CLINICAL FEATURES: A 63-yr-old male was seen after suffering from mild neck pain and stiffness of 4 days' duration after a car accident. A review of emergency room X-rays demonstrated a small fragment of bone adjacent to the anterior superior end-plate of C6.

Plezbert, J. A.
Oestreich, A. T.
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Di 1 jun yi da xue xue bao = Academic journal of the first medical college of PLA

OBJECTIVE: To observe the effect of iontophoresis with traditional Chinese herbal medicine on the healing of bone fracture. METHODS: Twelve New Zealand rabbits with tibial fracture were treated by iontophoresis with traditional Chinese herbal medicine. A retrospective study of 52 clinical cases of tibial fracture treated with the iontophoresis was also performed in comparison with 50 control cases.

Zhou, Feng-hui
Zhao, Ming-jie
Zhao, Hai-yan
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