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Joint, Bone, Spine: Revue Du Rhumatisme

OBJECTIVES: Because drugs do not halt joint destruction in rheumatoid arthritis (RA), non-drug treatments are an important adjunct to drug treatment. Establishing rules governing their use is difficult because treatment is multidisciplinary, complex, and difficult to assess. The aims of these guidelines were to (a) establish the indications for physical therapies and for educational, psychological, and other non-drug interventions, (b) address social welfare, occupational, and organizational issues.

Forestier, Romain
Andre-Vert, Joëlle
Guillez, Pascal
Coudeyre, Emmanuel
Lefevre-Colau, Marie-Martine
Combe, Bernard
Mayoux-Benhamou, Marie-Anne
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The low rate of coronary heart disease (CHD) in France compared with other developed countries with comparable dietary intake has been called the French paradox. We explored this paradox by looking at alcohol, diet, and mortality data from 21 developed, relatively affluent countries in the years 1965, 1970, 1980, and 1988. We assessed wine, beer, and spirits intake separately. France had the highest wine intake and the highest total alcohol intake, and the second lowest CHD mortality rate.

Criqui, M. H.
Ringel, B. L.
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La Revue Du Praticien
Belmin, JoÎl
Konrat, CÈcile
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Revue MÈdicale Suisse
Nau, Jean-Yves
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MÈdecine Sciences: M/S

In half a century, the number of nonagenarians and/or centenarians has dramatically increased, particularly due to the increase in life expectancy at old age. However, successful aging is more important than longevity. All along their life, people can act to preserve their health, their physical and mental abilities as well as their autonomy. This requires a healthy diet, having physical and intellectual appropriate activities and a right use of medical care. Finally, maintaining a social role and a raison d'Ítre in old age are also major factors in successful aging.

Berr, Claudine
Balard, FrÈdÈric
Blain, Hubert
Robine, Jean-Marie
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Current biology: CB

Environmental variations are usually thought to require a nonanecdotal intensity or duration to have major effects on individuals and evolutionary outputs. However, environmental variations of weak intensity and short duration could be of major importance when they influence key targets or critical stages. Because conditions experienced early in life can be critical determinants of life history trajectories, especially early nutrition, we tested this hypothesis by experimentally manipulating the first meal of life in the lizard Zootoca vivipara.

Massot, Manuel
AragÛn, Pedro
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European Psychiatry: The Journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists

BACKGROUND: There is debate as to whether maternal tobacco use in pregnancy is related to offspring behaviour later on. We tested this association examining multiple aspects of children's behaviour at age 5 and accounting for parental smoking outside of pregnancy, as well as child and family characteristics. METHODS: Data come from a prospective community based birth cohort study (EDEN; n=1113 families in France followed since pregnancy in 2003-2005 until the child's 5th birthday). Maternal tobacco use in pregnancy was self-reported.

Melchior, M.
Hersi, R.
van der Waerden, J.
Larroque, B.
Saurel-Cubizolles, M.-J.
Chollet, A.
GalÈra, C.
EDEN Mother-Child Cohort Study Group
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Translational Psychiatry

The regulation of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) is important for depression pathophysiology and epigenetic regulation of the BDNF gene may be involved. This study investigated whether BDNF methylation is a marker of depression. One thousand and twenty-four participants were recruited as part of a longitudinal study of psychiatric disorders in general population elderly (age ? 65).

Januar, V.
Ancelin, M.-L.
Ritchie, K.
Saffery, R.
Ryan, J.
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Journal International De Bioethique = International Journal of Bioethics

While medicine has made remarkable progress over the last decades, its development has also raised numerous ethical and legal issues. In this context, the question arises as to what framework is needed for research, organ transplants, and medically assisted reproduction. A balance has to be found between scientific freedom, the imperatives of public health and the protection of people ' welfare, rights and human dignity. Those questions have led to the adoption of multiple national laws as well as ethical and legal norms at the international level.

Sprumont, Dominique
Roduit, Guillaume
Hertig Pea, AgnËs
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British Journal of Nursing (Mark Allen Publishing)

The study unit Spirituality for Health Carers was part of the BSc(Hons) nursing/midwifery programme which aimed at providing an innovative clinical placement for students. This placement promoted the delivery of spiritual care to clients in Lourdes. This paper discusses the experiential learning of students based on Gibbs (1988) Framework of Reflection.

Baldacchino, Donia


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