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Yakugaku Zasshi: Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

Although fragrances are often used in aromatherapy for the treatment of edema, few studies on their diuretic and/or antiedematous activities have been performed. In this study, the effects of four types of fragrant ingredients (d-limonene, piperitone, alpha-pinene, and cinnamaldehyde) were examined in a mouse model of fluid retention. The mice were loaded with water after treatment with desmopressin (an antidiuretic hormone). In addition, zingerone, a pungent component of ginger which is considered to be effective in the treatment of edema, was examined.

Morimoto, Yasuo
Shibata, Yujiro
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The Ceylon Medical Journal

OBJECTIVE: To investigate the diuretic, natriuretic and kaliuretic effects of the antihypertensive Ayurveda drug Karavi Panchaka decoction and compare it with the diuretic frusemide. DESIGN: An animal study using Sprague-Dawley rats. The volume of urine and the total sodium and potassium excreted in the urine by rats in response to orally fed Karavi Panchaka decoction were compared with rats fed with frusemide. Control experiments were done with rats receiving similar volumes of distilled water orally.

Welihinda, Jayantha
Ariyawansa, H. a. S.
Wickramasinghe, Rohitha
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The West Indian Medical Journal

OBJECTIVE: Asparagus racemosus Willd has been used as diuretic in Ayurveda but has not been validated by a suitable experimental model. Hence the present study was undertaken. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was carried out with an aqueous extract of the roots of Asparagus racemosus utilizing three doses viz 800 mg/kg, 1600 mg/kg and 3200 mg/kg for its diuretic activity in comparison with standard drug (furosemide) and control (normal saline) rats after doing acute toxicity study.

Kumar, M. C. Satish
Udupa, A. L.
Sammodavardhana, K.
Rathnakar, U. P.
Shvetha, Udapa
Kodancha, G. P.
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Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology

Drugs used in the management of pregnancy-induced hypertension have been reviewed, and their value and adverse effects on both mother and fetus have been considered. Although magnesium and hydralazine remain the stalwarts of therapy, a number of other drugs have potential that may be realized in the future. Several new medications have promise in correcting the derangements of toxemia, but safety for the fetus has yet to be demonstrated.

Kelly, J. V.
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Biomédica: Revista Del Instituto Nacional De Salud

INTRODUCTION: Ceratopteris pteridoides is a semiaquatic fern of the Parkeriacea family, widely used in the Colombian folk medicine as a diuretic and cholelithiasic, of which there are no scientific reports that validate its popular use. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the acute and short-term repeated-dose diuretic effect of the ethanolic and aqueous extracts of C. pteridoides in an in vivo model. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The total ethanolic extract was obtained by maceration of the whole plant of C. pteridoides with ethanol and the aqueous extract by decoction at 60°C for 15 minutes.

Alviz, Antistio Aníbal
Salas, Rubén Darío
Franco, Luis Alberto
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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Caloric restriction extends life span in a variety of species, highlighting the importance of energy balance in aging. A new longevity gene, Indy (for I'm not dead yet), which doubles the average life span of flies without a loss of fertility or physical activity, was postulated to extend life by affecting intermediary metabolism.

Knauf, Felix
Rogina, Blanka
Jiang, Zhirong
Aronson, Peter S.
Helfand, Stephen L.
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Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To observe whether injection of medicine into low hydraulic resistance point along meridian brings about higher medicinal effect and to explore the efficacy of the theory that meridians are made up of channels featuring low hydraulic resistance by observing the diuretic effect of injecting furosemide or saline into the low hydraulic resistance point Shuifen (CV 9), vein and Zusanli (St 36) respectively. METHODS: Acute edema was induced in pigs by rapid intravenous injection of 2 000 ml normal saline.

Xie, Heng-Hui
Zhang, Wei-Bo
Tian, Yu-Ying
Li, Hong
Gu, Shi-zhe
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