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Folia Biologica

An extension of the mathematical model of immunological tolerance including two categories of B and T helper cells, each having a different lifespan, is presented. The simulated recovery from tolerance is compared with experimental data on B and T helper cell tolerance to human gamma globulin (HGG) induced in adult mice. The performed simulation runs suggest the conclusion that in this case it seems impossible to incorporate a high ratio of both, long-lived B cells and/or short-lived T helper cells, if good agreement with the available experimental data should be preserved.

Dolezal, J.
Hraba, T.
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The Journal of Nutrition

The effects of a large dose (2 mg/100 g body weight) of medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), restricted feeding (50% of normal intake) and their interaction were investigated on the serum and liver lipid and protein distribution in female rats. MPA increased serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels in rats on ad libitum food intake without having any effect in the animals on restricted diet. There was no statistical difference in the total serum protein or albumin levels among the groups. The serum levels of alpha and gamma globulin were significantly lower in the underfed rats.

Dutta, P.
Smith, R. D.
Flynn, M. A.
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