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European Psychiatry: The Journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists

BACKGROUND: Though cognitive abilities in adulthood are largely influenced by individual genetic background, they have also been shown to be importantly influenced by environmental factors. Some of these influences are mediated by epigenetic mechanisms. Accordingly, polymorphic variants in the epigenetic gene DNMT3B have been linked to neurocognitive performance.

CÛrdova-Palomera, A.
FatjÛ-Vilas, M.
Kebir, O.
GastÛ, C.
Krebs, M. O.
FaÒan·s, L.
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International Journal of Epidemiology

BACKGROUND: Several broad lines of evidence support the involvement of epigenetic processes in neurodevelopment and psychiatric disorders. Epigenetic disruption also provides a potential mechanism to account for the numerous gene-environment interactions that have been reported in association with neuropsychiatric phenotypes. METHODS: A review of the literature was performed with keywords 'depression', 'depressive disorder' or 'antidepressants' and 'DNA methylation', or 'epigenetics' in humans.

Januar, Vania
Saffery, Richard
Ryan, Joanne
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