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Experimental Gerontology

Centenarians are people who escaped from major common diseases, including cancer, and reached the extreme limits of human life-span. The analysis of demographic data indicates that cancer incidence and mortality show a levelling off around the age of 85-90 years, and suggests that oldest old people and centenarians are protected from cancer onset and progression.

BonafË, Massimiliano
Barbi, Cristiana
Storci, Gianluca
Salvioli, Stefano
Capri, Miriam
Olivieri, Fabiola
Valensin, Silvana
Monti, Daniela
Gonos, Efstathios S.
De Benedictis, Giovanna
Franceschi, Claudio
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Cancer Prevention Research (Philadelphia, Pa.)

There is epidemiologic evidence that obesity increases the risk of cancers. Several underlying mechanisms, including inflammation and insulin resistance, are proposed. However, the driving mechanisms in pancreatic cancer are poorly understood. The goal of the present study was to develop a model of diet-induced obesity and pancreatic cancer development in a state-of-the-art mouse model, which resembles important clinical features of human obesity, for example, weight gain and metabolic disturbances.

Dawson, David W.
Hertzer, Kathleen
Moro, Aune
Donald, Graham
Chang, Hui-Hua
Go, Vay Liang
Pandol, Steven J.
Lugea, Aurelia
Gukovskaya, Anna S.
Li, Gang
Hines, Oscar J.
Rozengurt, Enrique
Eibl, Guido
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