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Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics

PURPOSE: To identify factors associated with 'patient satisfaction' and 'willingness to return to the provider' in gynecology and to assess similarities as well as differences between the two concepts. METHODS: Study data were obtained from 968 randomly selected gynecology patients discharged from 22 hospitals who responded to a mailed survey. The validated instrument consisted of 37 items and assessed medical and service aspects of care, patient and visit characteristics.

Schoenfelder, Tonio
Schaal, Tom
Klewer, Jˆrg
Kugler, Joachim
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Psychiatric Services (Washington, D.C.)

OBJECTIVE: The study sought to broaden the focus of research on caregivers' burden by examining caregiving rewards and their relation to coping skills. METHODS: Data from semistructured interviews with 60 family caregivers of patients with mental illness in Germany were examined by content analysis. Information was gathered with the Freiburg Questionnaire on Coping With Illness. Both t tests and regression analyses were used to analyze data. RESULTS: Caregivers made 413 statements about rewards, which were assigned to six categories.

Bauer, Rita
Sterzinger, Linda
Koepke, Franziska
Spiessl, Hermann
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Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology

In this summary, J. Konietzko (Mainz) stressed the exceptional position of occupational cancer, which is due to the long latent period between exposure to specific carcinogens and cancer manifestation. Obviously, this long latent period of years to decades poses problems in the search for the etiology of occupational cancer. Three methodological areas are instrumental in overcoming these problems. They include epidemiological investigations, in vitro experiments and animal experiments, which have to complement each other.

Berger, M. R.
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Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

BACKGROUND: The extent to which welfare states may influence health outcomes has not been explored. It was hypothesised that policies which target the poor are associated with greater income inequality in oral health quality of life than those that provide earnings-related benefits to all citizens. METHODS: Data were from nationally representative surveys in the UK (n = 4064), Finland (n = 5078), Germany (n = 1454) and Australia (n = 2292) conducted from 1998 to 2002. The typology of Korpi and Palme classifies these countries into four different welfare states.

Sanders, A. E.
Slade, G. D.
John, M. T.
Steele, J. G.
Suominen-Taipale, A. L.
Lahti, S.
Nuttall, N. M.
Allen, P. Finbarr
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Health Economics

International differences in long-term care (LTC) use are well documented, but not well understood. Using comparable data from two countries with universal public LTC insurance, the Netherlands and Germany, we examine how institutional differences relate to differences in the choice for informal and formal LTC. Although the overall LTC utilization rate is similar in both countries, use of formal care is more prevalent in the Netherlands and informal care use in Germany.

Bakx, Pieter
de Meijer, Claudine
Schut, Frederik
van Doorslaer, Eddy
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Attachment & Human Development

The current study examined relations between preschool children's attachment pattern and their sharing behavior. To this end, 26 German children aged five years (15 girls) were first administered an Attachment Story Completion Task to assess their attachment pattern and the degree of their attachment security. Immediately thereafter, they participated in an established paradigm, a mini-dictator game, that assessed their inclination to share costly as well as noncostly with a friend, a disliked other, and a stranger.

Paulus, Markus
Becker, Eva
Scheub, Annemarie
Kˆnig, Lilith
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AJS; American journal of sociology

The authors investigate the relationship between family policy and women's attachment to the labor market, focusing specifically on policy feedback on women's subjective work commitment. They utilize a quasi-experimental design to identify normative policy effects from changes in mothers' work commitment in conjunction with two policy changes that significantly extended the length of statutory parental leave entitlements in Germany.

Gangl, Markus
Ziefle, Andrea
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Zeitschrift Fur Gerontologie Und Geriatrie

Demographic development of industrial societies is determined by continuous low birth rates and increasing life expectancy. The dramatic change in generational structure will be an enormous challenge not only for the public social security systems; as an original place of inter-generational relations, family is particularly faced with increasing life expectancy and the chances and risks of longevity. Need for nursing care is such a risk of longevity, realizing that only about 3% aged between 60 and 80 are in need of care, but about 25% at the age of 80 or older.

Bl¸her, S.
Publication Title: 
Pflege Zeitschrift

What does professionalism mean for nurses and where is the connection with the meaning of professionalism discussed in nursing science and social sciences? To answer these questions, a partly standardised questionnaire was given to 195 nurses in different health care settings. The questionnaire was specifically developed for this study and pre-tested. In total, 80 questionnaires were filled in and could considered for data analysis. More than half of the 80 participants assume that nursing is a profession with possibilities for the future, as well as it is on its way into autonomy.

Gitschel, Kerstin
Ketteler, Vera
Pfeiffer, Kerstin
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Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

BACKGROUND: The construct "meaning-in-life" (MiL) has recently raised the interest of clinicians working in psycho-oncology and end-of-life care and has become a topic of scientific investigation. Difficulties regarding the measurement of MiL are related to the various theoretical and conceptual approaches and its inter-individual variability. Therefore the "Schedule for Meaning in Life Evaluation" (SMiLE), an individualized instrument for the assessment of MiL, was developed. The aim of this study was to evaluate MiL in a representative sample of the German population.

Fegg, Martin J.
Kramer, Mechtild
Bausewein, Claudia
Borasio, Gian D.


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