gingival index

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Phytotherapy research: PTR

A double blind, randomized, controlled study with three parallel treatment groups was done to evaluate the efficacy of a Terminalia chebula 10% mouth rinse compared with chlorhexidine 0.12% mouth rinse, applied two times daily for 2 weeks, in the treatment of dental plaque and gingivitis. Seventy-eight patients were included in the study. The efficacy variables were periodontal indices on days 0, 7 and 14 after commencement of therapy. Twenty six patients received chlorhexidine mouth rinse, twenty six Terminalia chebula mouth rinse and twenty six received saline solution.

Gupta, Devanand
Bhaskar, D. J.
Gupta, Rajendra Kumar
Karim, Bushra
Gupta, Vipul
Punia, Himanshu
Batra, Manu
Jain, Ankita
Agarwal, Amit
Singh, Pradeep
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