Graft Survival

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Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology. Journal Canadien D'ophtalmologie
Iqbal, Munir
Hodge, William
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Journal of Clinical Nursing

AIM: To investigate the experiences of everyday life after lung transplantation of patients with previous chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). BACKGROUND: Compared with patients being transplanted due to other indications, those with COPD prior to lung transplantation report more problems in the form of shortness of breath, fatigue, sexual problems, insomnia and increased appetite. In addition, they are often faced with problems returning to normal working life. How these problems influence the patient's everyday life is unknown. DESIGN: An exploratory qualitative study.

Thomsen, Doris
Jensen, Birte ÿstergaard
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American Journal of Kidney Diseases: The Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation

BACKGROUND: Kidney transplantation offers better outcomes compared to dialysis, but requires patients to adhere to an ongoing and complex self-management regimen. Medication nonadherence remains a leading cause of transplant loss, and inadequate self-management undermines transplantation and other health outcomes. We aimed to describe kidney transplant recipients' motivations, challenges, and attitudes toward self-management. STUDY DESIGN: Systematic review and thematic synthesis of qualitative studies. SETTING & POPULATION: Kidney transplant recipients.

Jamieson, Nathan J.
Hanson, Camilla S.
Josephson, Michelle A.
Gordon, Elisa J.
Craig, Jonathan C.
Halleck, Fabian
Budde, Klemens
Tong, Allison
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The lack of organs for transplantation is a worldwide problem that has created a moral conflict between the traditional altruistic basis of organ donation and alternative solutions based on utilitarian grounds. Survival of grafts achieved in recent decades after unrelated living-donor kidney transplantation between spouses is longer than with deceased donor transplantation. This experience justified the extension of kidney donation beyond the traditional close family relationships including: anonymous donors and paired exchange programs.

Mor, Eytan
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BACKGROUND: The impact of influenza vaccination on in vitro parameters of cellular and humoral immunity, anti-viral titers, and clinical outcome was evaluated among cardiac transplant recipients. METHODS: Blood was collected from 29 patients before and 3-4 weeks after influenza vaccination and tested for phenotypic changes in lymphoid subpopulations and generation of antibodies against the allograft and vaccine. RESULTS: Vaccination did not change the percentage of lymphoid subpopulations and did not induce generation of anti-HLA alloantibodies.

Kimball, P.
Verbeke, S.
Flattery, M.
Rhodes, C.
Tolman, D.
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The objective of this study was to determine whether the late failure of beta-cells in islets transplanted via the portal vein is caused by excess insulin-stimulated lipogenesis and lipotoxicity and, if so, whether the damage can be prevented by reducing lipogenesis surrounding the islets. Based on the premise that high portal vein levels of nutrients and incretins would stimulate hyperinsulinemia, thereby inducing intense lipogenesis in nearby hepatocytes, normal islets were transplanted into livers of syngeneic streptozotocin-induced diabetic recipients.

Lee, Young
Ravazzola, Mariella
Park, Byung-Hyun
Bashmakov, Yuriy K.
Orci, Lelio
Unger, Roger H.
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