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HIV medicine

OBJECTIVES: Prompt HIV diagnosis and treatment are associated with increased longevity and reduced transmission. The aim of the study was to examine late diagnoses and to assess the quality of care following diagnosis. METHODS: National surveillance and cohort data were used to examine late HIV diagnoses and to assess the quality of care received in the 12 months following HIV diagnosis. RESULTS: In 2011, 79% (4910/6219) of persons (15 years and over) diagnosed with HIV infection had CD4 counts reported within 3 months; of these, 49% were diagnosed late (CD4 count < 350 cells/?L).

Delpech, V.
Brown, A. E.
Croxford, S.
Chau, C.
Polavarapu, V.
Cooper, N.
Rooney, G.
Yin, Z.
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Nature Genetics

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is a major cause of pain and disability in the elderly. To search for sequence variants that confer risk of osteoarthritis of the hand, we carried out a genome-wide association study (GWAS) in subjects with severe hand osteoarthritis, using variants identified through the whole-genome sequencing of 2,230 Icelanders.

Styrkarsdottir, Unnur
Thorleifsson, Gudmar
Helgadottir, Hafdis T.
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Gudjonsson, Sigurjon A.
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Masson, Gisli
TREAT-OA Consortium
arcOGEN Consortium
Hofman, Albert
Arden, Nigel K.
Ingvarsson, Thorvaldur
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Kloppenburg, Margreet
Rivadeneira, Fernando
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Thorsteinsdottir, Unnur
Jonsdottir, Ingileif
Valdes, Ana M.
Meulenbelt, Ingrid
van Meurs, Joyce
Jonsson, Helgi
Stefansson, Kari
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South African Medical Journal = Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif Vir Geneeskunde

Compared with our ancestor's diet, that consumed by present-day Western populations is higher in intake of energy, of protein (especially animal protein) and of fat (especially animal fat), but lower in intake of fibre-containing cereal foods; this diet is associated with high rates of morbidity and mortality from degenerative diseases.

Walker, A. R.
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British Medical Journal (Clinical Research Ed.)
Doll, R.
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Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.)
Margetts, B. M.
Jackson, A. A.
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Biochemical Society Transactions
Hales, C. N.
Desai, M.
Ozanne, S. E.
Crowther, N. J.
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The British Journal of Nutrition

Mortality statistics from the WHO database covering the period 1960 to 1990 have provided intriguing evidence that something unusual has been affecting in a beneficial way the health of the Mediterranean population. In recent papers, which evaluated the evidence accumulated over the last three decades, it was concluded that the traditional Mediterranean diet meets several important criteria for a healthy diet. Direct evidence in support of the beneficial properties of the Mediterranean diet has also become available.

Trichopoulou, A.
Vasilopoulou, E.
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The Journal of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology

To elucidate the impact of diet on age-at-death determinations based on molar attrition a comparison was made between the established rate of attrition in three populations; a pre-mediaeval (British), a late mediaeval (Dutch) and a 17-18th century (Dutch) (western European). It appeared that the rate decreased dramatically during the overall time span and that this change was probably diet related and owing to the coarseness of foodstuffs.

Maat, G. J.
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World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics
Okuyama, Harumi
Ichikawa, Yuko
Sun, Yueji
Hamazaki, Tomohito
Lands, W. E. M.
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European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: There is variability in the association between dietary intake and health outcomes across different countries, especially among the elderly. We used the gold standard dietary assessment method, a weighed food record, to examine the association between dietary pattern and mortality in a representative sample of community dwelling participants from Great Britain aged 65 years and older. SUBJECTS/METHODS: Dietary intake was recorded at baseline in 1017 elderly participants (520 men, 497 women, mean age 76.3+/-7.4 years).

Hamer, M.
McNaughton, S. A.
Bates, C. J.
Mishra, G. D.


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