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Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Behavior

Free radicals are implicated in causation of cerebral reperfusion injury and chronic cerebral hypoperfusion in rats is associated with functional and histopathological disturbances. Ocimum sanctum (OS), a plant widely used in Ayurveda, has been shown to possess anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and cognition-enhancing properties. In the present study, we investigated the effect of methanolic extract of OS leaves in cerebral reperfusion injury as well as long-term hypoperfusion.

Yanpallewar, S. U.
Rai, Sunita
Kumar, Mohan
Acharya, S. B.
Publication Title: 
The American Journal of Physiology

To investigate whether brain leptin involves neuropeptidergic pathways influencing ingestion, metabolism, and gastrointestinal functioning, leptin (3.5 micrograms) was infused daily into the third cerebral ventricular of rats for 3 days. To distinguish between direct leptin effects and those secondary to leptin-induced anorexia, we studied vehicle-infused rats with food available ad libitum and those that were pair-fed to leptin-treated animals.

van Dijk, G.
Seeley, R. J.
Thiele, T. E.
Friedman, M. I.
Ji, H.
Wilkinson, C. W.
Burn, P.
Campfield, L. A.
Tenenbaum, R.
Baskin, D. G.
Woods, S. C.
Schwartz, M. W.
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