*Group Identity

Publication Title: 
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

We sought to identify the mechanisms that cause strongly fused individuals (those who have a powerful, visceral feeling of oneness with the group) to make extreme sacrifices for their group. A large multinational study revealed a widespread tendency for fused individuals to endorse making extreme sacrifices for their country. Nevertheless, when asked which of several groups they were most inclined to die for, most participants favored relatively small groups, such as family, over a large and extended group, such as country (Study 1).

Swann Jr., William B.
Buhrmester, Michael D.
Gómez, Angel
Jetten, Jolanda
Bastian, Brock
Vázquez, Alexandra
Ariyanto, Amarina
Besta, Tomasz
Christ, Oliver
Cui, Lijuan
Finchilescu, Gillian
González, Roberto
Goto, Nobuhiko
Hornsey, Matthew
Sharma, Sushama
Susianto, Harry
Zhang, Airong
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