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Transfusion Medicine (Oxford, England)

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: South Africa has a markedly skewed representation where the majority of blood (62%) is presently collected from an ethnically White minority. This study seeks to identify culturally specific factors affecting motivation of donors in South Africa. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We performed a qualitative study to evaluate motivators and deterrents to blood donation among Black South Africans. A total of 13 focus groups, comprising a total of 97 Black South Africans, stratified by age and geographic location were conducted.

Muthivhi, T. N.
Olmsted, M. G.
Park, H.
Sha, M.
Raju, V.
Mokoena, T.
Bloch, E. M.
Murphy, E. L.
Reddy, R.
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Nurse Education Today

BACKGROUND: In line with many countries worldwide, the Department of Health mandate to Health Education England seeks to promote the diversity of applicants by widening participation in nurse education. A number of studies have explored the experience of non-traditional students undertaking nursing courses. OBJECTIVES: This study aimed to explore and understand the experiences of student nurses undertaking their nurse education whilst caring for dependant family. DESIGN: The study used an applied qualitative research approached based on methods developed for applied social policy research.

Kiernan, Matthew D.
Proud, Carole
Jackson, Sue
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Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics

This paper reports the results of a telephone survey of 693 respondents which was commissioned by the New Jersey Chiropractic Society. This exploratory study provides a broad-ranging and critical examination of key aspects relating to the chiropractic profession as it is practiced in New Jersey. The study concludes that chiropractic in New Jersey is a viable means of treating various disorders, but there remains much confusion and distrust among prospective and current patients as well as the threat of heightened competition from other health professionals.

Sánchez, J. E.
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Chronic Diseases in Canada

This paper discusses the advantages of adopting forms of participatory action research with aboriginal Canadians. Using a recent qualitative study of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus among the James Bay Cree, it outlines and discusses the methodology used to construct a form of action research that focused on what meaning the Cree gave to the rising incidence and prevalence of diabetes. In order to understand this perspective, the researchers recruited members of the Cree community as co-researchers in the study.

Boston, P.
Jordan, S.
MacNamara, E.
Kozolanka, K.
Bobbish-Rondeau, E.
Iserhoff, H.
Mianscum, S.
Mianscum-Trapper, R.
Mistacheesick, I.
Petawabano, B.
Sheshamush-Masty, M.
Wapachee, R.
Weapenicappo, J.
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Medical Services Journal, Canada
Sinclair, W. M.
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The Psychiatric Quarterly
Wick, E.
Sigman, R.
Kline, M. V.
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Addictive Behaviors

The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of hypnosis, health education, and behaviour modification programs for cigarette smoking cessation. A randomized clinical trial comparing these three programs and a control group was conducted in 168 volunteers. Follow-up data three weeks after completion was available in 140 subjects. Each program showed significant reductions in reported cigarette consumption and serum thiocyanate levels, an indicator of long-term cigarette consumption, compared to entry and to the control group.

Rabkin, S. W.
Boyko, E.
Shane, F.
Kaufert, J.
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Southern Medical Journal

Tobacco is the most widely used addictive substance in the world. Since the Surgeon General's 1964 report, medicine has sought out the genesis of tobacco addiction (TA) and has evolved methods of treatment and prevention. Psychiatry was slower than other medical specialties to acknowledge TA as a legitimate area for psychiatric intervention, probably because the many psychiatrists who were smokers identified with their smoking patients. Since 1980, the American Psychiatric Association has recognized nicotine dependence and nicotine withdrawal as diagnostic entities.

Cohen, S. B.
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

The article describes the rationale for and the process of developing a new definition of hypnosis by the Society of Psychological Hypnosis, Division 30 of the American Psychological Association. Both theoretical and practical implications led to the production of the definition, which is targeted toward informing clinicians, researchers, and the lay public alike. The definition is presented at the conclusion of the article.

Green, Joseph P.
Barabasz, Arreed F.
Barrett, Deirdre
Montgomery, Guy H.
Publication Title: 
The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

The authors argue that the new definition of hypnosis by Division 30 of the American Psychological Association contains questionable information about the role of imagination in hypnosis, about the use versus omission of the word hypnosis in inductions, and about the nature of individual differences and their relation to the standardized scales. In addition, the definition appears to conflate formal and exemplar-based types of definition, and it does not seem particularly well-tuned to the interests of lay persons. The authors advance some suggestions for future definitional efforts.

Woody, Erik
Sadler, Pamela


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