Health Expenditures

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Clinical Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America

BACKGROUND: Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common problem among women. However, comparative effectiveness strategies for managing recurrent UTIs are lacking. METHODS: We performed a systematic literature review of management of women experiencing ?3 UTIs per year. We then developed a Markov chain Monte Carlo model of recurrent UTI for each management strategy with ?2 adequate trials published. We simulated a cohort that experienced 3 UTIs/year and a secondary cohort that experienced 8 UTIs/year.

Eells, Samantha J.
Bharadwa, Kiran
McKinnell, James A.
Miller, Loren G.
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The Journal of Reproductive Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To examine the rate of spontaneous twinning in selected countries in order to evaluate the impact of environmental stress and related socioeconomic factors on balancing reproductive activity and longevity. STUDY DESIGN: Four countries with similar ancestry were considered, 2 in Africa and 2 in the Caribbean. Data on gross domestic product per capita, as a measure of indigenous conditions, access to proper diet, health care, sanitation and shelter were compared with the relative rate of twinning.

Steinman, Gary
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Nutrition Journal

BACKGROUND: Few studies have evaluated the linkage between food cost and mortality among older adults. This study considers the hypothesis that greater food expenditure in general, and particularly on more nutritious plant and animal-derived foods, decreases mortality in older adults. METHODS: This study uses the 1999-2000 Elderly Nutrition and Health Survey in Taiwan and follows the cohort until 2008, collecting 24-hr dietary recall data for 1781 participants (874 men and 907 women) aged 65 y or older.

Lo, Yuan-Ting
Chang, Yu-Hung
Wahlqvist, Mark L.
Huang, Han-Bin
Lee, Meei-Shyuan
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Health Policy (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

INTRODUCTION: Throughout the 1990s, in response to funding deficits, out-of-pocket payment has grown as a share of total expenditure in countries in transition. A clear policy response to informal payments is, however, lacking. The current study explores informal payments in Bulgaria within a conceptual framework developed by triangulating information using a variety of methodologies. OBJECTIVE: To estimate the scale and determinants of informal payments in the health sector of Bulgaria and to identify who benefits, the characteristics and timing of payments, and the reasons for paying.

Balabanova, Dina
McKee, Martin
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Social Science & Medicine (1982)

As governments seek to expand access to quality health care services, policy makers in many countries are confronting the problem of informal payments to medical personnel. The aim of this study was to help health planners in Albania understand informal payments occurring in government health facilities. Researchers used in-depth interviews and focus groups with 131 general public and provider informants in three districts.

Vian, Taryn
Gryboski, Kristina
Grybosk, Kristina
Sinoimeri, Zamira
Hall, Rachel
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The European journal of health economics: HEPAC: health economics in prevention and care

BACKGROUND: Under-the-table informal payments are commonplace as reimbursements for health care services in Greece. As the country faces a severe financial crisis, the need to investigate the extent of such payments, their incidence and their impact on household income is pressing. METHODS: A survey of 2,741 persons from across the country was conducted between December 2011 and February 2012. The sample was defined via a multistage selection process using a quota for municipality of residence, sex and age. The maximum error margin was 2.41% with a confidence interval of 95%.

Souliotis, Kyriakos
Golna, Christina
Tountas, Yannis
Siskou, Olga
Kaitelidou, Daphne
Liaropoulos, Lycourgos
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Health Services Research

Many patients with emotional disorders receive their mental health care from general medical physicians. In this article, we examine differences in costs and style between mental health care delivered by mental health specialists and that provided by general medical physicians, and the sensitivity to insurance of the patient's choice of mental health care provider. We use data from a randomized trial of cost-sharing, the RAND Health Insurance Experiment.

Wells, K. B.
Manning, W. G.
Duan, N.
Newhouse, J. P.
Ware, J. E.
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Health Economics

In Finland, municipal health care expenditure varies from FIM 3 800 per capita to FIM 7 800 per capita. The objective of this study was to estimate the impact of different economic, structural and demographic factors on the per capita costs of health services and care of the elderly. Using regression analysis we attempted to explain observed differences in expenditure by determining separately the effects of allocative and productive inefficiency and the effects of factors influencing the demand for services.

H‰kkinen, U.
Luoma, K.
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Medical care research and review: MCRR

The authors examine the generosity of private employer health insurance coverage using data from two large national surveys of employers. Generosity is measured as the expected out-of-pocket share of medical expenditures for a standard population, given the provisions of the coverage. On average, those covered by employer-sponsored insurance can expect to pay 25 percent of expenditures out of pocket. There is little variability across plans in this share, though plans offered by smaller employers are somewhat less generous than those offered by larger employers.

Gabel, Jon R.
Long, Stephen H.
Marquis, M. Susan
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The Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics

BACKGROUND: Insurance benefits can have a large effect on whether one is able to access health care services. Mental health and substance abuse (MHSA) insurance coverage has typically been less generous than that of general health services. AIMS OF THE STUDY: This paper examines trends in the generosity of private insurance benefits for mental health (MH) services in the United States from 1987 to 1996.

McKusick, David R.
Mark, Tami L.
King, Edward C.
Coffey, Rosanna M.
Genuardi, James


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