Heterocyclic Compounds, 3-Ring

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FEBS letters

Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and resonance Raman (RR) spectroscopies have been employed to investigate the reductive cleavage of the O-O bond of the endoperoxide moiety of the antimalarial drug artemisinin and its analog trioxane alcohol by hemin dimer. We have recorded FTIR spectra in the nu(O-O) and nu(as)(Fe-O-Fe) regions of artemisinin and of the hemin dimer that show the cleavage of the endoperoxide and that of the hemin dimer, respectively. We observed similar results in the trioxane alcohol/hemin dimer reaction.

Kapetanaki, S.
Varotsis, C.
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BMC complementary and alternative medicine

BACKGROUND: Protopanaxadiol (PPD) is a triterpenoid that can be prepared from steamed ginseng. PPD possesses anticancer potential via caspase-dependent apoptosis. Whether paraptosis, a type of the caspase-independent cell death, is also induced by PPD has not been evaluated. METHODS: Cell death, the cell cycle and intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS) were analyzed by flow cytometry after staining with annexin V/PI, PI/RNase or H2DCFDA. We observed morphological changes by crystal violet staining assay. Mitochondrial swelling was measured by ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometry.

Wang, Chong-Zhi
Li, Binghui
Wen, Xiao-Dong
Zhang, Zhiyu
Yu, Chunhao
Calway, Tyler D.
He, Tong-Chuan
Du, Wei
Yuan, Chun-Su
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