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International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

OBJECTIVE: The incidence of dementia is known to vary between nations due to population specific interactions of genetic and epigenetic risk factors. Since this type of data was missing from the Central-Eastern part of Europe, especially from Hungary, an ongoing prospective multicentre study was initiated 3 years ago to determine the impact of some well-known social and biological dementia risk factors and the prevalences and conversion rates of dementia and depression syndromes.

Vincze, G·bor
Almos, PÈter
Boda, Krisztina
Dˆme, PÈter
BÛdi, Nikoletta
Szl·vik, Gyozo
MaglÛczki, ErzsÈbet
P·k·ski, Magdolna
Janka, Zolt·n
K·lm·n, J·nos
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Zeitschrift Fur Alternsforschung

This work handles about the need of erotic relations by older and old inhabitants in homes of age and geriatric nursing homes, asks for their imaginations at loveful and tender demonstrations in age, for which characteristics they attach great importance at the election of a new partner. The investigation has the character of a niveau analysis - before we investigate the laws of phenomena, their change and development of phenomena must be known.

Hesse, G.
Kuhlmey, J.
Lautsch, E.
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The Journals of Gerontology. Series B, Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences

OBJECTIVE: States vary greatly in their support for home- and community-based services (HCBS) that are intended to help disabled seniors live in the community. This article examines how states' generosity in providing HCBS affects the risk of nursing home admission among older Americans and how family availability moderates such effects. METHODS: We conducted discrete time survival analysis of first long-term (90 or more days) nursing home admissions that occurred between 1995 and 2002, using Health and Retirement Study panel data from respondents born in 1923 or earlier.

Muramatsu, Naoko
Yin, Hongjun
Campbell, Richard T.
Hoyem, Ruby L.
Jacob, Martha A.
Ross, Christopher O.
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Journal of Aging & Social Policy

We address two issues in this exploratory study. First, to what degree do variables prominent in explaining cross-state variation in the generosity of other public assistance programs also help to explain the resources states devote to nursing facility long-term care for the elderly, a service supported largely by states' Medicaid programs? Second, to what degree do the resources that states commit to this purpose influence the quality of state nursing facility processes and, in turn, translate into state nursing facility residents' quality-of-life outcomes?

Lockhart, Charles
Giles-Sims, Jean
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Medical Care

BACKGROUND: In 2006, dual-eligible nursing home residents were randomly assigned to a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan (PDP). Subsequently, residents not enrolled in qualified plans at the start of the next year were rerandomized. PDPs vary in generosity through differences in medication coverage and utilization management. Therefore, residents' assigned plans may be relatively more or less generous for their particular drugs. The impact of generosity on residents' medication use and health outcomes is unknown.

Huskamp, Haiden A.
Stevenson, David G.
O'Malley, A. James
Dusetzina, Stacie B.
Mitchell, Susan L.
Zarowitz, Barbara J.
Chernew, Michael E.
Newhouse, Joseph P.
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The American Journal of Occupational Therapy: Official Publication of the American Occupational Therapy Association

The purpose of this study was to investigate altruism as a factor in task participation among the elderly. The question was whether elderly persons are more likely to participate in an activity designed to help or benefit others than in an activity with no such altruistic purpose. Four groups of persons living in a home for the aged (N = 130) were invited to participate in a cookie-decorating activity. The invitations for two of the groups stated that the cookies would be a gift for a local preschool, and the invitations for the other two groups did not.

Hatter, J. K.
Nelson, D. L.
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Australian Journal of Public Health

In the light of long-standing criticism of nursing homes an assessment of staff's ability to provide care was required. By creating a profile of nursing home staff it may be possible to explain and predict difficulties in providing care. One hundred and five staff from 15 nursing homes and 18 hostel staff were interviewed to examine demographic characteristics, attitudes to the job and to the elderly, as well as sources of stress in the workplace. Staff were predominantly female, with children, and had a strong sense of altruism and desire to nurture.

Peisah, C.
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American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias

Thirteen older persons (seven men and six women) in residential care participated as subjects in this study. All participants had histories of confusion due to dementia and were identified by staff as being consistently resistant to medication administration as indicated by vocal outbursts, moving away, or physical combativeness. Subjects were exposed to four aroma interventions during medication administration: 1) lavender vera (lavendula officinalis); 2) sweet orange (citrus aurantium); 3) tea tree (malaleuca alternifolia); and 4) no aroma (control).

Gray, Suzanne G.
Clair, Alicia Ann
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Krankenpflege. Soins Infirmiers
Thibault, Fran�oise
Publication Title: 
International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry

BACKGROUND: Agitated behaviours among persons with dementia are distressing to both patients and their caregivers. As pharmacological interventions may be limited by their potentially adverse effects, the use of complementary therapies for treatment of agitation has become more popular and aromatherapy is the fastest growing one. OBJECTIVES: This study investigates the effectiveness of lavandula angustifolia (lavender) in treating agitated behaviours of demented people in Hong Kong. METHODS: It was a cross-over randomized trial.

Lin, Pamela Wan-ki
Chan, Wai-chi
Ng, Bacon Fung-leung
Lam, Linda Chiu-wa


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