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We define neurodevelopment as the dynamic inter-relationship between genetic, brain, cognitive, emotional and behavioural processes across the developmental lifespan. Significant and persistent disruption to this dynamic process through environmental and genetic risk can lead to neurodevelopmental disorders and disability. Research designed to ameliorate neurodevelopmental disorders in low- and middle-income countries, as well as globally, will benefit enormously from the ongoing advances in understanding their genetic and epigenetic causes, as modified by environment and culture.

Boivin, Michael J.
Kakooza, Angelina M.
Warf, Benjamin C.
Davidson, Leslie L.
Grigorenko, Elena L.
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The Linacre Quarterly
Kelly, G.
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Di 1 jun yi da xue xue bao = Academic journal of the first medical college of PLA

OBJECTIVE: To study the application of one-stage operation of ventriculo-peritoneal shunt and cranioplasty for hydrocephalus complicated by skull defect. METHOD: The clinical records of 54 patients with hydrocephalus complicated by skull defect treated with one-stage operation of ventriculo-peritoneal shunt and cranioplasty were reviewed in comparison with those of 30 patients receiving two-stage operations.

Zhou, Qing
Zhang, Shi-Zhong
Xu, Ru-xiang
Wang, Jian-Qi
Tu, Yan-yang
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Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (New York, N.Y.)

BACKGROUND: A 13-year-old girl who suffered from basilar invagination managed with electroacupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine is presented in this report. This is a rare disease. The condition was misdiagnosed by many biomedical specialists over a period of 5 years. There has been no literature ever recorded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) history for the treatment of this rare condition. METHODS: The patient has a secondary condition, hydrocephalus, which was categorized as Jie Lu from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

Miao, Edwin Yong
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