Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA Reductase Inhibitors

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The American Journal of Cardiology

HIV-infected patients have a greater prevalence of dyslipidemia, earlier incidence and progression of atherosclerosis, and a nearly twofold increased risk for myocardial infarction compared with those not infected with HIV. Pre-existing cardiovascular risk factors, viral replication, and antiviral treatments all contribute to this accelerated and increased risk for cardiovascular disease in HIV-infected subjects.

Feinstein, Matthew J.
Achenbach, Chad J.
Stone, Neil J.
Lloyd-Jones, Donald M.
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Homeopathy: The Journal of the Faculty of Homeopathy

Hahnemann considered the secondary action of medicines to be a law of nature and reviewed the conditions under which it occurs. It is closely related to the rebound effects observed with many modern drugs. I review the evidence of the rebound effect of statins that support the similitude principle. In view of their indications in primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, statins are widely prescribed.

Teixeira, Marcus Zulian
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Hematology/Oncology Clinics of North America

Statin drugs and various isoprenoids from plant origins inhibit mevalonic acids, cholesterol, and other isoprenoid products. Among these, reduction of farnesyl and geranylgeranyl prenylated proteins impedes signal transduction at the cellular level. The authors envision that limiting such prenylated proteins downregulates thrombin-stimulated events, including decreasing the expression and availability of protease-activated receptor-1 mitigating thrombin stimulation of cells, tissue factor preventing additional thrombin generation, and plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 allowing thrombosis.

Fenton, J. W.
Shen, G. X.
Minnear, F. L.
Brezniak, D. V.
Jeske, W. P.
Walenga, J. M.
Bognacki, J. J.
Ofosu, F. A.
Hassouna, H. I.
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Drug Design, Development and Therapy

A recent explosion in the amount of cardiovascular risk and incipient, undetected subclinical cardiovascular pathology has swept across the globe. Nearly 70% of adult Americans are overweight or obese; the prevalence of visceral obesity stands at 53% and continues to rise. At any one time, 55% of the population is on a weight-loss diet, and almost all fail. Fewer than 15% of adults or children exercise sufficiently, and over 60% engage in no vigorous activity.

Kones, Richard
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The American Journal of Managed Care

OBJECTIVE: To examine the association between generosity of drug coverage and essential cardiovascular medication use among retired seniors. STUDY DESIGN: Retrospective analysis of the 1997 to 2000 Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey, a nationally representative survey of the Medicare population. METHODS: The study examined community-dwelling fee-for-service Medicare beneficiaries aged 65 years or older with retiree health insurance and with coronary heart disease and hyperlipidemia (n = 1220) or congestive heart failure (n = 1147).

Doshi, Jalpa A.
Polsky, Daniel
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Journal of Oncology Practice

PURPOSE: A new cancer diagnosis commonly initiates a cascade of health care decisions that have potentially important consequences for management of other chronic conditions such as diabetes. We sought to determine whether a new cancer diagnosis is associated with changes in medication adherence among Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes, and whether the relationship is affected by life expectancy and generosity of drug coverage. METHODS: The study population was drawn from a 5% random sample of Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes enrolled in Medicare Part D in 2007 and 2008.

Stuart, Bruce C.
Davidoff, Amy J.
Erten, Mujde Z.
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BACKGROUND: Pragmatic randomised controlled trials (PRCTs) aim to assess intervention effectiveness by accounting for 'real life' implementation challenges in routine practice. The methodological challenges of PRCT implementation, particularly in primary care, are not well understood. The Kanyini Guidelines Adherence to Polypill study (Kanyini GAP) was a recent primary care PRCT involving multiple private general practices, Indigenous community controlled health services and private community pharmacies.

Liu, Hueiming
Massi, Luciana
Eades, Anne-Marie
Howard, Kirsten
Peiris, David
Redfern, Julie
Usherwood, Tim
Cass, Alan
Patel, Anushka
Jan, Stephen
Laba, Tracey-Lea
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Physiology & Behavior

Ayurveda means "the science of life". Ayur means "life" and Veda means "knowledge or science". It is the oldest medical system in the world. Its origins can be traced as far back as 4500 BC, to four ancient books of knowledge, (the "Vedas") and it is still officially recognized by the government of India. The present study was aimed at investigating the effects of Anwala churna (Emblica officinalis Gaertn.), an Ayurvedic preparation on memory, total serum cholesterol levels and brain cholinesterase activity in mice.

Vasudevan, Mani
Parle, Milind
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BACKGROUND: Prospective studies indicate that baseline levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), the prototypic marker of inflammation, are associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular events. Limited studies have examined therapies that influence high-sensitive CRP (hs-CRP) levels, especially in hyperlipidemic patients.

Jialal, I.
Stein, D.
Balis, D.
Grundy, S. M.
Adams-Huet, B.
Devaraj, S.
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Clinical Chemistry

BACKGROUND: Subfractions of HDL, particularly large HDL (HDL2), are inversely correlated with the severity of coronary artery disease (CAD). alpha-Tocopherol (AT) is the main lipid-soluble antioxidant in plasma. Results of a previous small study (n = 44) suggested that either a combination of an antioxidant cocktail [800 IU/day 2R,4'R,8'R-(RRR)-AT plus 1 g vitamin C, 25 mg beta-carotene, and 100 microg selenium] or individual antioxidant vitamins combined with simvastatin-niacin (S-N) therapy attenuated the protective increase in HDL2 seen with S-N alone.

Singh, Uma
Otvos, James
Dasgupta, Amitava
de Lemos, James A.
Devaraj, Sridevi
Jialal, Ishwarlal


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