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PloS One

BACKGROUND: Activation of hepatic stellate cells (HSCs) plays an important role in the development of cirrhosis through the increased production of collagen. p53, the "guardian of the genome", is a transcription factor that can bind to promoter regions of hundreds of genes where it either activates or suppresses gene expression. Thereby, p53 serves as a tumor suppressor by inducing cell cycle arrest, apoptosis, senescence and DNA repair. Artesunate is a derivative of Artemisinin, Scholars had found it had more extensive pharmacological effects past 10 years.

Longxi, Peng
Buwu, Fang
Yuan, Wang
Sinan, Gao
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Molecular Medicine Reports

Paraquat (PQ)-induced pulmonary toxicity is known to result in pulmonary edema, infiltration of inflammatory cells and damage to the alveolar epithelium, which may progress to severe fibrosis. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their physiological inhibitors, tissue inhibitors of matrix metalloproteinases (TIMPs), which degrade and remodel the excess extracellular matrix, are believed to play an important role in the development of fibrotic tissue. In this study, we examined the sequential expression of MMP-2, MMP-9 and TIMP-1 in a rat model of pulmonary fibrosis induced by PQ.

Wang, Bo-liang
Tu, Yan-yang
Fu, Jian-Fang
Zhong, Yue-xia
Fu, Guo-Qiang
Tian, Xiao-xi
Wang, Li-He
Gong, Li
Ren, Qin-You
Publication Title: 
Toxicon: Official Journal of the International Society on Toxinology

The Indian Monocellate Cobra venom (NKV) showed anti-arthritic activity over FCA induced arthritis in male albino rats. NKV treatment (1/20th & 1/10th MLD doses x 13 days, i.p.) showed significant restoration in paw & ankle volume, paw weight. Urinary hydroxyproline, glucosamine, serum ACP, ALP and IL-10 level were restored significantly, due to NKV treatment, as compared with arthritic rats. NKV also showed significant protection against arthritis induced oxidative damages.

Gomes, Antony
Bhattacharya, Sourav
Chakraborty, Mousumi
Bhattacharjee, Pushpak
Mishra, Roshnara
Gomes, Aparna
Publication Title: 
Journal of Ethnopharmacology

ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE: In traditional Indian medicinal treatise there are several Ayurvedic formulations mentioned which have been claimed as potential wound healing agents like Madhu Ghrita and Jatyadi Taila. Jatyadi Taila (JT) is a medicated oil formulation (Taila) popularly used in the treatment of various topical wounds. AIM OF THE STUDY: Though JT has its composition recorded in ancient Ayurvedic texts, there have been minimal attempts to standardize its use in the management of wound.

Shailajan, Sunita
Menon, Sasikumar
Pednekar, Suhas
Singh, Ashish
Publication Title: 
Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry

Anoectochilus formosanus is used in traditional folk medicine as an hepatoprotective agent. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a standardized aqueous extract of A. formosanus (SAEAF) on thioacetamide (TAA)-induced liver fibrosis. An in vitro study showed that the inhibitive effect of kinsenoside, a major component of SAEAF, on tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) secretion from Kupffer cells might be derived at least partly from downregulation of LPS-receptor Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) signaling.

Wu, Jin-Bin
Chuang, Hin-Ru
Yang, Li-Chan
Lin, Wen-Chuan
Publication Title: 
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science

PURPOSE: Extracts of the herb Tripterygium wilfordii hook f, the major component of which is triptolide, have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Triptolide also exerts many other biological actions both in vitro and in vivo. The effect of this agent on collagen degradation by cultured corneal fibroblasts was examined. METHODS: Rabbit corneal fibroblasts were cultured in three-dimensional gels of type I collagen and in the absence or presence of interleukin (IL)-1beta or triptolide.

Lu, Ying
Fukuda, Ken
Seki, Keisuke
Nakamura, Yoshikuni
Kumagai, Naoki
Nishida, Teruo
Publication Title: 
Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin

Myofibroblast plays an important role in the progression of pulmonary fibrosis, featured by the presence of α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA). It has been a novel therapeutic target. Safflor yellow (SY) is extracted from safflower, a traditional Chinese medicine. The aim of our study is to investigate the effects of SY on rats of pulmonary fibrosis induced by bleomycin (BLM) and on differentiation of lung fibroblast into myofibroblast stimulated by transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1).

Wang, Lin
Jin, Ming
Zang, Bao-Xia
Wu, Yan
Publication Title: 
Zhong Xi Yi Jie He Xue Bao = Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

OBJECTIVE: To explore the intervention effects of Xiaopi Pill (XPW), a compound traditional Chinese herbal medicine, on the development progress of dimethylnitrosamine (DMN)-induced liver fibrosis in rats. METHODS: Liver fibrosis model was established by intraperitoneal injection of 0.5% DMN 2 mL/kg thrice a week for 4 weeks. Rats were divided into control group given saline and treatment group given XPW during the 3rd week of DMN injections.

Zhang, Xiao
Ning, Bing-bing
Ren, Shuang
Zhang, Li-jun
Zhang, Wen-meng
Chen, Jia-mei
Chen, Gao-feng
Zhang, Hua
Mu, Yong-ping
Liu, Ping
Publication Title: 
Chinese Medical Journal

BACKGROUND: Pomegranate (punica granatum) belongs to the family Punicaceae, and its peel has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine because of its efficacy in restraining intestine, promoting hemostasis, and killing parasites. Pomegranate peel has been reported to possess wound-healing properties which are mainly attributed to its polyphenol extracts. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of pomegranate peel polyphenols (PPP) gel on cutaneous wound healing in diabetic rats.

Yan, Huan
Peng, Ke-jun
Wang, Qiu-lin
Gu, Zheng-yi
Lu, Yao-qin
Zhao, Jun
Xu, Fang
Liu, Yi-lun
Tang, Ying
Deng, Feng-mei
Zhou, Peng
Jin, Jia-gui
Wang, Xin-chun
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