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Journal of Dentistry

OBJECTIVES: This double-blind randomized clinical trial aimed to evaluate the whitening effect of two at-home tooth bleaching agents and the effect of dietary habits after 2 years. The patients' view about bleaching longevity was also investigated. METHODS: Ninety-two subjects with mean shade of C1 or darker for the six maxillary anterior teeth were randomized into two groups (n=46) according to the carbamide peroxide (CP) concentration: 10% (CP10) or 16% (CP16). The treatment was performed using the whitening agent in a tray for 2h/day during 3 weeks.

Meireles, S. S.
Santos, I. S.
Bona, A. Della
Demarco, F. F.
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The International Journal of Adult Orthodontics and Orthognathic Surgery

This study was designed to investigate the changes in a number of facial proportions as a result of combined orthodontic/orthognathic surgical treatment. According to some authors, in beautiful faces, the values of the proportions measured are likely to approximate the divine proportion (1.618:1). The hypothesis for this study was that, as a result of treatment, the faces of patients in the sample would be more esthetic and therefore the measured proportions would be closer to the divine proportion than they were before treatment. Forty-six patients were included in the sample.

Baker, B. W.
Woods, M. G.
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Responses to electrical stimulation of the tooth pulp were obtained in both baseline and test sessions for subjects receiving acupuncture, 33 per cent nitrous oxide, or control conditions. A signal-detection analysis across sessions showed that both treatment groups demonstrated reduced sensitivity to stimulation, and increases in bias against reporting strong stimuli as painful. (Key words: Acupuncture; Anesthetics, gases, nitrous oxide; Measurement techniques, sensory decision theory; Pain, sensory decision theory).

Chapman, C. R.
Gehrig, J. D.
Wilson, M. E.
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