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Journal of Medical Internet Research

BACKGROUND: PubMed is the largest bibliographic index in the life sciences. It is freely available online and is used by professionals and the public to learn more about medical research. While primarily intended to serve researchers, PubMed provides an array of tools and services that can help a wider readership in the location, comprehension, evaluation, and utilization of medical research. OBJECTIVE: This study sought to establish the potential contributions made by a range of PubMed tools and services to the use of the database by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.

Willinsky, John
Quint-Rapoport, Mia
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International Journal of Palliative Nursing

The ongoing extension of the average human lifespan in most parts of the world forecasts an unprecedented number of aging adults developing Alzheimer's disease or related dementia. Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, commonly referred to as agitated behaviours, are estimated to occur in over 80% of patients and are typically treated using antipsychotic medications, posing significant morbidity and mortality risks. An evidence-based protocol known as individualized music (IM) offers a non-pharmacological intervention to reduce agitation.

Gallagher, Maribeth
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The American Journal of Psychiatry

Because of the inefficacy of disparate psychiatric and rehabilitative approaches to psychosocial restoration of chronic mental patients, the authors designed the New England Psychiatric Rehabilitation Training Program for vocational rehabilitation counselors who work with these patients. The program extends Erikson's epigenetic sequence to development of work capacity and emphasizes a comprehensive, multiaxial approach to psychopathology and vocational rehabilitation.

Creasey, D. E.
McCarthy, T. P.
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Health Progress (Saint Louis, Mo.)

In 1993, Sisters of Mercy Health System-St. Louis (SMHS), having asked itself what kind of employees it would need in the twenty-first century, established a Worker of the Future Task Force to develop tentative answers. The task force began by making projections concerning healthcare, studying the strategic plans of SMHS's members, and surveying its employees. It learned that the system should help workers see how change could benefit them.

Hill, K.
Meyer, B.
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Journal of Nursing Care Quality

The Franciscan Health System has designed a new employee orientation program that is both interactive and thought-provoking. The program has transitioned from a predominantly lecture-based format to one that consists of group discussion, role playing, lunch with senior leaders in the organization, and the utilization of adult learning principles. This article describes the shortcomings of the previous program, gaps identified in the needs assessment, and performance improvement methodology used to enhance the program.

Ragsdale, Mary Alice
Mueller, John
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The Pennsylvania Nurse

While at work, Diane noticed numbing in her hands and was told to visit the emergency department. After scans, labs and doctor visits, Diane was diagnosed with metaplastic breast cancer, subsequently undergoing 10 rounds of chemo. She returned to work wearing her mask and a wig topped with an Eagles hat. After returning from blood transfusions or recovering from Nulasta, she never complained. Even during troubled times, Diane had her finger on the pulse of her unit--recognizing staff achievements, sitting with struggling families and being emotionally present for all patients.

Barag, Diane E.
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BACKGROUND: People aged 75†years and over account for 1 in 4 of all hospital admissions. There has been increasing recognition of problems in the care of older people, particularly in hospitals. Evidence suggests that older people judge the care they receive in terms of kindness, empathy, compassion, respectful communication and being seen as a person not just a patient. These are aspects of care to which we refer when we use the term 'relational care'.

Arthur, Antony
Maben, Jill
Wharrad, Heather
Aldus, Clare
Sarre, Sophie
Schneider, Justine
Nicholson, Caroline
Barton, Garry
Cox, Karen
Clark, Allan
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Journal of Cancer Education: The Official Journal of the American Association for Cancer Education

The aim of this exploratory study was to assess the impact of clinicians' defense mechanisms-defined as self-protective psychological mechanisms triggered by the affective load of the encounter with the patient-on adherence to a communication skills training (CST). The population consisted of oncology clinicians (N=31) who participated in a CST. An interview with simulated cancer patients was recorded prior and 6 months after CST. Defenses were measured before and after CST and correlated with a prototype of an ideally conducted interview based on the criteria of CST-teachers.

Bernard, Mathieu
de Roten, Yves
Despland, Jean-Nicolas
Stiefel, Friedrich
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Psychiatric Medicine

This chapter will describe the use of clinical hypnosis in the military. As a result of the studies that were done during the Vietnam conflict, the relationship between post traumatic stress disorder and hypnotize ability was made. The author concludes that combat traumas enhance hypnotic potential in some veterans, and that veterans with excellent hypnotic potential begin to problem solve better preparing for a healthier post-war transition.

Colosimo, C. P.
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The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

One of the possible complications of working with hypnosis, and a concern of some, is difficulty in alerting the patient from the hypnotic condition. Although such adverse reactions are rare and infrequently observed, they have been noted for many years. This article presents two cases of inability to dehypnotize and discusses the implications for clinical management of the dynamics that were found to be causally related to such behavior.

Gravitz, M. A.


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