Insurance Selection Bias

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Ethics & Medicine: A Christian Perspective on Issues in Bioethics

Catholic movements within the centre of Roman Catholic doctrine recently have discussed Trinitarian theology as applied to sciences, arts, economics, health and other social areas. We explore the possibilities Trinitarian theology offers to bioethical debate, concentrating particularly on genetic screening and testing. It is important therefore to analyse the philosophical implications of this approach onto the bioethical world, where much disagreement occurs on fundamental issues.

Mallia, Pierre
ten Have, Henk
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Inquiry: A Journal of Medical Care Organization, Provision and Financing

Concerns about attracting disproportionate numbers of employees with alcohol problems limit employers' willingness to offer health plans with generous alcohol treatment benefits. This paper analyzes two potential avenues of adverse selection, namely biased enrollment into plans and biased exit from plans offered by 57 employers between 1991 and 1997.

Harris, Katherine M.
Sturm, Roland
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